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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Lime Crime Cosmetics are here!
Brilliant vibrant colours at last. This range truly deliver great depth of colour and the quality is as good as any others we have used! There are over 20 colours to choose from so you can create many different looks. The glamour of the 50's is now looking like the trend for Spring and with bold colours you can achieve the Hollywood 50's look.
If you want details about the range you can contact for details or go to

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The best way to a smooth complexion is exfoliation and there are many ways to do this. There is the Sheer Miracle Peel Cloth - this is a way to exfoliate with no chemicals, just a brilliant cloth that cost $27.00 and lasts 6 months.

Or, alternatively, you can use a Cream with granules, that you apply to your face and massage around to achieve a polished look. The key is to find creams that do NOT contain any harmful chemicals to get the good results.

Exfoliation increases new skin cell growth and generates collagen which is essential to a youthful complexion.

Younger skin can cope with exfoliation about once a week, however, the more mature skin can and should receive exfoliation about 3 times a week.
You need to know what your skin can tolerate and not over do the exfoliation or you can just damage your skin.

Always go with the product directions and you will reap the benefits over a few short weeks.

Try these products:
Sheer Miracle Peel Cloth - $27.00'
elly B Gentle Face Exfoliator $40

Both products will deliver great results - it is often a personal preference on how you exfoliate. Me, I like both and use both and love the results. My skin texture is improved, my pores are not as defined, my skin feels polished.

I hope you like both of these recommended products too.

Next Blog will be all about Cleansing the stayed tuned..tell me about your favorite cleanser?


Visit to find these two brilliant products now! And you get free post!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Discount Buying all the time


I love makeup and good skincare, but never liked the prices. I have done a lot of research to find great products and great prices. It has taken years of research (literally!) to get to the point where I can offer Organic skincare at prices that are way below that of the bigger brand names and it is Australian made! Creamy skincare at Dreamy Prices!!

The Mineral make up brand Sheer Miracle offers sheer cover on all skin types, it is Acne safe and at prices that are below nearly all other brands I have seen. Try Sheer Miracle for value and a great look. Light weight mineral powder will improve most complexions and at $36.00 AUS for enough powder to last 3 months is exceptional value. Money back if you are not pleased with it's performance.

Look for this months special - Buy a full size pot of foundation, blusher and or bronzer and get your Kabuki Brush FREE and FREE post.

Jill from Melbourne Australia!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Dream cream from elly b is heaven in a jar. So creamy you will love to use this one twice a day, I look forward to the experience. Using this cream leaves you feeling like you have been to a Day Spa!!

It is called Dream Cream because it is the creamiest cream ever, and yet it penetrates deeply into the skin it has Marine Collagen, silk peptides, vitamins A & E and loads of botanical ingredients to protect your skin and promote new cell growth.

This product is selling from for $65.00 and this is an amazing price for an Organic product that should be selling for around $120.00, get your while they have the stock!

Jill - We are the distributors for the elly b range and the Sheer Miracle Mineral Range of Cosmetics. Contact us today for stock - no minimums.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Business Starting soon!

Alluring You
Body Beauty Hair Nails Skin

Clifton 4361 Queensland Australia

We aim to exceed your expectations each and every time you visit.
Mobile & Salon services available between Toowoomba and Warwick.

Alluring You will be stocking our Mineral Cosmetics int heir new salon. Check with them to find out where their new salon will be located so you can book in.

Cheer and Good Luck to the team at Alluring You

Jill Nolan
Wholesale Beauty Products

Beauty and Lace

We are submitting some samples of our product ranges to the Beauty and lace Spring Box. Have you heard about the Spring Box, it's a great idea. You can receive a bag full of free goodies to try and then your invited to actually submit reviewed and comments on the products you have tried.

Visit and see what you need to do to get a Spring Box!

We welcome product reviews and comments - so if you have used Sheer Miracle then I would love to hear what you think..

Our products that we have sent to Beauty and Lace are the sheer miracle mineral cosmetics and a few of the new organic skincare range elle b Organics. We are receiving great feedback from our stockist on this range such as: 'the creams are so creamy and they are delicious to smell. ' 'They feel divine', 'we are so excited about these new products' and take a look at the store to see the new elle b Organic skincare. It is very well priced for an Organic range too!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kabuki Brushes that will not break the bank

If you need a Kabuki brush that is good quality, nice and soft, but don't want to spend $40.00, $ 50.00 , $60.00 or more then you should look at the sable one from Sheer Miracle available here in Australia for under $30.00 and the Qosmedix of New York Kabuki brushes at less than $30.00 also.

Wholesale Beauty also stock a ragne of brushes to apply liquid and cream foundations at prices well below those inthe stores. All of these brushes are under $20.00 and have beenb road tested by those that know a good brush when they use one.

You get free post and a great brush, you would be mad not to try them...go to to see what is sold direct to the public.


Free Makeup Brushes - not too many things are free these days, but they are giving away free makeup brushes and free postage at
Check it out and then tell your friends. (gift with purchase)

The web site often has Competitions that you can enter and you don't have to buy anything either. So it is worth saving this site in your favorites if you like to buy or find bargains.
If you buy a Sample Pot you can get another Free Sample Pot!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Free Post across Australia

Many online stores sell products that look like they are priced reasonably? Right? But then you get slugged a postage charge. Add that to the price of the one item you want and it is not so reasonably priced any more? Or you feel you need to buy some more stuff so you dont feel the slug of the postage charges!

Look for sites that dont charge any postage and the prices are resonable like au. Prices are way below what you would pay instore for any kind of Mineral makeup - they have large pots and they post free.

Web based businesses should be passing on the savings they make by not having to pay for bricks and mortar to sell their goods. So shop with stores that offer free post and have good prices also! Lets all give the bigger stores a run for their money and support small business across Australia that are tyring to offer good quality products and really great, fair prices!!

What do you think about that? Tell me your view! and share site details with others, so they can save as well.

Other etailers who offer free postage are welcome to add their details to the blog.



Sunday, August 2, 2009

Do you have acne?

Did you know that mineral makeup really does work well with skin that suffers from acne or is oily or even the most sensitive skins. Customers who have used Sheer Miracle and have any of these conditions tell us that they have had a great improvement in their skin, some have said they haven't had a break out of acne since using the brand.
Sheer Miracle is affordable at $36.00 Aussie- yes that's right $36.00 - compare that to the bigger brand is about half the price. We do free post and we have samples and a no questions return poilcy! Give us and the brand a try you will love it..what have you got to loose! - support an Australian based business!
Combine Minerals and Organic skincare for a great healthy radiant skin!