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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Do you like a great will love this web site

I found this great web site that has some really good sales inforamtion and links.  So not matter where you live in Australia you can find some great sales from some of the great designer and many other great store.

Sass & Bide, Footwear, Alana Hill and the list goes on

Just take a look and I am sure you will be glad you found it!  I am...happy shopping!

cheers Jill

Friday, October 29, 2010

Stella McCartney Gear very disappointed ? Were you?

Well I went off today to get a look at the much awaited Stella McCartney range.  I actually expect to find very little left in the Target store near our place as the radio shows yesterday were portraying the opening and sales as absolutely crazy.

So I was amazed at the amount of the range that was sitting on the many many racks and shelves. 

I was particularly interested in looking at the bags as the designs leaked in the promo material showed them to be very stylish and just what I was looking for in a big black tote.  
I cannot say just how disappointed I was in the bags..the shapes and styles are all good as are the colours, but the actual quality of the material used on the outside of the bags leaves them looking very cheap indeed!!!  They appear to be beautifully made on the inside, but outside...I would not part with $100.00 for a bag that looks plastic.

The clothes were nice, nothing that made me feel like buying though I have to all round I was a little let down on the total range.  

Have you seen the range?  What did you think overall?  Love to hear your views?

Cheers...a disappointed Jill

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Subscribers & FREE Gifts

Hi everyone,

Everyone likes no LOVES  a free Gift? 

Well we are offering a FREE Gift to 5 new subscribers in the month of November, so please subscribe and go into the draw to be one of the lucky 5 who win a FREE pot of Sheer Miracle Mineral foundation - a shade to suit your complexion and a FREE lipstick from Limecrime.

So tell your friends about the FREE Gifts if you will..

Go to it and subscribe.....cheers and good luck Jill

Stella McCartney makes a line of Kids Clothing

If your a mum you might find this interesting as there is nothing like really cool gear for young the interview and enjoy.



Birth of the Cool | Stella McCartney Kids

Stella McCartney
Perhaps the biggest perk of being a fashion designer is the ability to design not for yourself but for your kids. Just ask Stella McCartney. Not only is she about to bring her fourth child into the world, she’s also about to introduce a new collection specifically for the 12-and-under set. Pieces like cashmere blend pea jackets and floral dresses are designed to be both affordable and timeless, so you don’t have to choose between dressing your child well and sending her to college. And the line even features shrunken versions of pieces from her main collection. Still, McCartney knows that as fashion consumers go, kids are as fickle as anyone.
Do you take more pleasure in designing for yourself (and your friends) or for your kids (and their friends)?
I take pleasure in designing for both myself and my kids. Being so pregnant right now probably means I want to dress myself a little less, but hopefully when I have had my fourth baby and (fingers crossed) regained a waist, I might dream of dressing myself again! The two things are so separate yet so related. I think most mums secretly take more delight in dressing their kids, but maybe as I get older, I might find myself spoiling myself more! The reality is I am so lucky to be able to design for both myself and my kids; luckily, it is not all about just me or them, but lots of other people wearing it too!
Do you let your kids weigh in on the design process at all? If so, have they vetoed anything? Or have they asked for anything in particular? And do you oblige them?
The kids are involved just by the mere fact that they are the most important things in my life, so are present in my brain at all times. Their likes and dislikes creep in, and sometimes I have to be careful of that, as my daughter is 3 and deep in the pink thing and I have to remind myself she will probably hate it in six months!
I try to think beyond just my experience of kids. When working on the collection, though, I have to go beyond their ages and think of older kids, think about all their needs, their parents, the timelessness, the ability to hand down to other generations, gifts, quality, cost, accessibility, distribution — every element is key, as it all makes kids’ clothing important. I am not just dressing kids, I am creating memories … hopefully!
Did you learn anything particularly noteworthy about kids’ design from the capsule collection you designed for the Gap?
I’ve wanted to do kids ever since I’ve had kids and probably even a little bit before. And everyone has said to me over the last years, “When are you going do kids?” So I had a lot of pressure with the collaboration I did with the Gap, and I continue to feel that pressure still now, because it’s really about always having a great collection.
When I collaborated with the Gap, it was a “one-off” collection, and it really had to appeal to such a wide range of people. And now, launching my own kid collection, it is still really important — especially since children’s clothes have sort of become disposable — for it to be accessible and realistic on the price points but still be timeless, have great quality and can be passed down for generations. For me, those were the points that were really key to achieve.
It’s really a modern way of looking at kids’ clothing, especially being a designer brand that is trying to be more considerate to the needs of the market. I think it’s the right thing to do. I find it inconsiderate to do kids’ wear and be incredibly expensive, because you are a designer brand. Our biggest challenge was trying to tick all of the boxes. We really wanted to make it modern from creating the right design for the right age group, to having unisex styles, to being available online immediately and to the price point. It really made the most sense for us right now to do it this way.

10 SUPER Secrets to Keep You Stylish

10 SUPER Secrets to Keep You Stylish


Ever wonder how the Supermodels look so effortlessly chic every time the paparazzi catch them on an ordinary day? Supermodels get inside tips from style experts to keep them flawless consider yourself a Supermodel.

1. Layer Your Look. Try pairing a long-sleeve thermal underneath a tunic and belt it with leggings. Add a jacket and legwarmers to be extra haute.

2. Designer Accessories. Most people cant afford to wear head-to-toe Chanel. Accessorize your ensemble with a designer purse or sunglasses. You'll look and feel like a million bucks and no one will notice your outfit is last season Gap.

3. Denim and High Heels. Wear a dark denim wash with black or brightly-colored heels. High shoes make your legs look longer and slender, plus you'll exude that chic factor.

4. Audrey Affect. You can never go wrong with a little black dress and layers of pearls รข€“ a quick fix to create an iconic look.

5. Red HAUTE Lip. Some people fear red lipstick...however there are hundreds of shades to choose from to compliment your skin tone. Hit up a makeup counter and ask a beauty consultant to help you find the right red.

6. Leggings are the new Tights. The trend of the moment is leggings, which is like wearing sweat pants that hug your body. You can wear leggings under tunic tops, dresses, and layered underneath denim or mini skirts.

7. Patent leather - the texture of the season. Get a pair of heels or purse to be in the NOW.

8. The Trench. This signature coat can keep you looking your best, regardless of what you're hiding underneath.

9. No Smoking Its no longer chic. Quit immediately if you are still puffing away.

10. Find a Mentor. I know you want Tim Gunn, but he is really busy. Find someone at your immediate disposal who exudes style and get some hints from them!
Article Posted By : kavita kawde
Dombivali (Mharastra)

I enjoyed reading this so had to share it with you.

Enjoy reading


Monday, October 25, 2010

Sneak Peek At Stella McCartney Collection for Target

This amazing cute collection will be on Sale as from the 29th of October and I think I might just have to be the first on in line to get some of these bags..I just LOVE LOVE a nice bag..don't you!
How cute is this collection!!

Bangles $29.00 each
The total collection is really beautiful and it is all so wearable and it is well priced for being a designer label 

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek at the range, I hope they have them in your nearest Target store.

High School Formal web site

I recently discovered a great web site that is totally focused on young people that are still in High School and preparing to run or go to their High School Formal.  It is a cute site that covers, Beauty, Fashion, Venue's and help with planning your High School Formal to ensure that this event is the best fun ever.

If this year or next is your year to go to your High School Formal you will love this web site.  If you are past your High School Formal year then there is still a lot of great State based supplier information such as Hair dressers & Makeup Artists listed on their site as well.

Very soon they will launch a Book to help with the planning and everything you need to know to be prepared and have a brilliant High School Formal.  Check out their web site and be sure to tell your friends about it as well.

Enjoy  Reading


Doe Deere from Limecrime Makeup dyes her hair

Doe Deere has gone from a redhead to a blonde and now to this brilliant blue.
What do you think of the colour, I actually loved her as a redhead and she also looked good as a blonde..but I have to say the blue is cute.  I once went purple but that was as a 14 year old that played with mothers Magic Silver White and got carried away...that ended up with me being grounded for a few weeks.....oh well..growing up can be fun.

Have you ever dyed your hair any strange colours?  What was the reaction of others when they noticed?  Good or not so good?
Here she is a redhead
 And here a blonde..I think she looks amazing with any colour hair!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Working on improving the body

I decided sometime back that I really must get my body in shape.  They say that going to a gym and lifitng weights is like a face lift for the body.  Well I could use a face lift and I am sure my body needs something..there is way to much of it for my liking.

I suppose it does not matter what your age is we always want to look better than we do and I am a mature person and feel that if I do not get control of the body now I never will!  Let me just say that I am around a size 12 for pants so this is not my problem area..but around 16 up the top..this is my problem area.

So I joined the gym..Fernwood..yes it's the one that only allows women as I feel more comfortable there.  I tend to have some weeks where for any reason I can think of I don' go..then I get all stressed and make myself go.

I have just gone back to the gym again..this makes about the 6th time....and this time I am going to really work hard and stick with it.  I can already feel the muscles starting to respond to the exercise and the weights and it feels good. ( anti inflammatory pills also help!)  Did you know that they say your muscles have memory?  I think they do too.

I want to be size 12 top and bottom if I can.  Now I have made my mission public I feel I will be more motivated to stick to it.  More gym posts to come..what do you do to keep fit..any tips you might want to share?

Cheers Jill

Pink for Ladies

Pink for Ladies
Pink for Ladies by Makeupnet featuring dorothy perkins tops

Breast Cancer hits every family sooner or later, so become aware of this and take care of yourself.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jennifer Anitson on the cover of Harpers - or is it really Barbara Streisand

I saw this cover and really loved the look.  I have always loved the eye makeup style of the 60's and this is a good reflection of that me it is very much in fashion right now.
The links will take you to the full slide show of pictures.  
Enjoy Jill
Jennifer Aniston: A Star Is Reborn
Jennifer Aniston channels Barbra Sreisand in a crepe jersey dress, $1,790, Derek Lam. 212-966-1616. Earrings, Harry Winston. 800- 988-4110.

Jennifer Aniston: The Barbra Streisand Cover Shoot

Cover girl Jennifer Aniston like you've never seen her before: as Barbra Streisand, America's original funny girl. See more of Aniston's most influential beauty moments, and how her red-carpet style has evolved.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stella McCartney does it again for Target

The collection will be on sale in stores 29 October.

Target has also announced that they will be running a competition leading up to the actual in-store launch.
The winner of the competition will receive a $1500 Gift Card AND special shopping access to the collection before it goes on sale to the general public. There will be TWO winners per state, and winners will be able to each take a friend.
So head on over to the Shopping Stella Competition, fill in your details and good luck!

Online Witchery Sale Don't Miss It

Happy Shopping

Limecrimemakeup, Bellaboo Skincare & Sheermiracle Mineral Makeup - Lime Crime Magic Eye Dust

Limecrimemakeup, Bellaboo Skincare & Sheermiracle Mineral Makeup - Lime Crime Magic Eye Dust

Massive Sale now on as the Aussie $ rises the prices come down..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Free Lime Crime Products

Hi everyone, we are still offering you the opportunity to win some free Limecrime Makeup by going to our web store and signing up to the V.I.P. shopper newslettter.  That is all you have to do to go into the draw to win a Lipstick and a Magic Eye Dust of your hard is that?
You can select colours to help you create this original look that Doe Deere the creator of Lime Crime is wearing in this cute picture.  Go to and register today, Competition closes at the end of the tell your friends as well.  cheers  Jill 

Hats for the Racing season and much much more

I just loved the hats on this desingers web site and wanted to share them with everyone, they are colourful, stylish and oh so pretty.  I want one!!!!!!!!!!


Empress was the one I really liked...although there were others..
Click here to see the collection

Take a look and maybe get yourself for next year or some special function you have to go to.

Jodie makes all of the head pieces  Lace Headpiece, or Jewelled Fascinator.  Jodie is a Hat Maker and Made to order Milliner for Spring Carnival Race Wear, Weddings, Mother of the Bride, Year 12 Dances, Debutante Balls and Special Events. 

Jodie will help you design your own gorgeous headpiece and securely courier it to you anywhere in Australia. 


Friday, October 15, 2010

Affordable Sunglasses on Trend at Discounted Prices

Given the controversy that developed after a picturer of Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian from a white house dinner surfaced followed by their photo shoot inspired by “The Graduate”, Justin and Kim costumes are sure to be a funny and popular option this Halloween.

We are affiliated with the store that sells these cute glasses and much more at brilliant price. Check out Justin and Kim Halloween costumes with some affordable sunglasses inspired by the styles worn by these celebrities.
Justin Bieber Sunglasses
SW Shield Style #8003
SW Clear Retro Style #5011
SW Retro Style #1698
SW Neon Retro Style #1670
SW Shield Style #8003
SW Clear Retro Style #5011
SW Retro Style #1698
SW Neon Retro Style #1670
Kim Kardashian Sunglasses
SW Butterfly Sunglasses #8833
SW Shield Style #46
SW Oversized Style #522
SW Aviator Style #233
SW Butterfly Sunglasses #8833
SW Shield Style #46
SW Oversized Style #522
SW Aviator Style #233

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rebirth Skincare -exicting and very inexpensive!

I love good  skincare and love to try new products such as the Rebirth range of skincare that contains placenta ingredients...sounds a little yucky but I can assure you it is not.  The eye gel has no perfume at all.

I received my Anti-Wrinkle eye gel the other day and rushed to the bathroom to take my makeup off and give it a try.

It was a clear gel and felt very cooling to the skin and when I put it on the skin I could feel the skin start to tighten up a little - so far I am very impressed!  I have used it now for over a week and think that the skin around my eyes looks really good.  The pot is small, but at under $10.00 I think it is great value, given it feels so good and the results are good.

We are definitely going to be stocking this range within week, so watch the web site and give it a try, you will not be sorry you tried it.

Here is a little more detail on the brand -

Re-birth original series is the most popular placenta cream in Australia. Back in 1993, it is created by a group of old friends gathering for a school reunion. The group was shocked at how much they had all aged with lines and wrinkles. The shock prompted the group to discuss how they could challenge the aging process and recapture their youthful skin look. With the aid of experts, the group discovered the anti-aging property Placenta. With the unique formulation of the balanced proportion between placenta in oil and water base, rebirth placenta cream is effective in combating wrinkles, fine lines as well as softens the skin like a baby skin.

Have you tried any ranges of skincare that have Placenta as an ingredient?  What was your impression? 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cute Jacket& under $40.00

This jacket is so cute from Cotton On and it is under $40.00 how cool is that..I think I will be visiting my nearest Cotton on tomorrow.  There are 4 colours to select from.

Gothic Look for Halloween

Here is the latest from Doe Deere from Limecrime Makeup to help with your Halloween preparations.

Photography: Grenouille
 Deerlings: Are you fans of the gothic culture? I adore it actually, I don’t consider myself a straight-up goth, but gothic elements in art are hugely inspirational to me. Movies like Beetle Juice and Addams Family Values are pure eye-candy as far as I’m concerned, and one of my favorite bands is Type O Negative, the masters of capturing the dark side of things in a humorous way.

EYES: Since you're working with dark eyeshadow, leave face makeup for later. Start with the brows as they will define the way your eyeshadow will go on. Using black gel liner (our favorite is by Clinique) on a thin brush, outline the shape of your brow and fill in. Set with matte black eyeshadow for extra-darkness!
Prep the lids with an eyeshadow primer (stay tuned for Lime Crime's revolutionary Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper coming this November!). Pat Medusa onto the lids closer to the lashes. Work the color around the eyes with a larger brush, creating a softer, 'smoky eye' effect. Apply a thick coat of mascara to top/bottom lashes and some black kohl to the waterline. With a gel liner, pull inner corners of the eye down - this will give you that definitive 'gothic' look. Draw a thin white line right under the black with Top Hattie eyeshadow (you may also use a white pencil for this).
Glue false lashes to top lids. You will need 2 long individual lashes for the bottom - you can make these by cutting off a piece of an eyelash and styling it thin & pointy with hair putty. Be sure to do this a few hours in advance so it's dry. Apply individual lashes to the outer corners, as if they are a part of your natural lash line.

 Black looks most striking against fair skin - that's why all goths aim to keep their skin as pale as
possible. But fear not, if you don't resemble a vampire naturally, you can always use foundation a few shades shade lighter or even mix it with some white with your every-day foundation. Avoid blush and use contouring powder instead on the cheekbones and sides of the forehead.

LIPS: This sinister-looking two-tone lip is easier to achieve than you think. Outline your mouth with red pencil. Fill in with bright red lipstick such as Retrofuturist, then dab some Styletto onto the center of the mouth. Press your lips together. Voila!

To achieve the look you need, Siren, Top Hattie &  Medusa for the eyes and for the Lips - Retrofuturist & Styletto.  Great Gothic look and great for Halloween. 
We have all the colours in stock right now at  A great offer is in store when you buy this set to create this look 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How To Dress: Your Complete Style Guide For Every Occasion by Gok Wan

I often watch this guy on TV and think he has some great ideas to change simple items into fantastic statement making I expect his book could be worth reading and would make a great gift idea for Christmas for any of the girlfriends. Take a peek.

How To Dress: Your Complete Style Guide For Every Occasion by Gok Wan
Book Description

Packed with Gok′s advice on how to look good at a party, wedding or on the beach, How to Dress is like having your very own personal styling session with Gok.

Loved for recognising that women are beautiful whatever their shape or size, Gok Wan understands how women can work their assets and minimise the part of their bodies they dislike to maximum effect. Every woman deserves a Fairy Gok Mother to help them look their most gorgeous. His new book is packed with fashion tips to help you stay on the style highway and not stumble off into fashion faux pas territory.

Choosing the right outfit for a wedding or looking your best on the beach or at work can be stressful and in How to Dress Gok simply unravels the rules of style so every woman can look their best all the time.

How to Dress shows you how to look great throughout the year, whatever your lifestyle and regardless of what life throws at you.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Diary of A Fashion Muse: Fashion Palette 2010

Diary of A Fashion Muse: Fashion Palette 2010: "Are you a not-yet established designer trying to get your young label out there? Or perhaps design isn't really your thing but are looking ..."

Limecrime Eye Primer coming soon!

I am so excited to relay this message from Limecrime Makeup.  We will carry this line of product and we cannot wait!

It all started with a stranger’s complaint about a product we didn’t even have. A girl on a beauty forum was lamenting that eyelid primers didn’t work on her. I couldn’t exactly disagree - my experience with primers has been spotty at best. The idea was great – create a product that will keep eyeshadow bright and crease-free all day – yet I can’t count the times when I’d spend upwards $20 on something that simply didn’t do what I needed it to. Even ‘the best of the best’ lasted only a few hours before giving in to my lids’ natural oils and created those pesky crease lines.
What is an Eyeshadow Primer and what is it supposed to do?
Eyelid Primer’s primary function is to keep your eyeshadow from creasing. What’s the point in doing all this beautiful makeup when it’s going to be ruined a few hours down the road? Primers are supposed to keep your eyeshadow in place and keep the color from fading throughout the day. And so I set out to make the Next Generation Eyeshadow Primer.
Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper took 6 months to develop – we’ve been at it since February going back and forth, tweaking the formula and sometimes starting over from scratch. The results were well worth the pain – we finally have a primer that works even if you live in a hot climate or have oily eyelids.
So what’s the secret?
Eyeshadow Helper was designed specifically for wear with bright eyeshadows. It’s stickier than most primers you’ll meet, which allows it to grab on to eyeshadow particles, intensifying color to the max to fade-free results. It serves as a barrier between your skin and eyeshadow which keeps oils at bay. It’s moisture-resistant so you can run, sweat, even SWIM with full assurance your eyeshadow will stay put! Our lab says it’s so potent, you will need waterproof makeup remover just to get it off! (Seriously, I have video of water being sprayed in my face and my eyeshadow never budging!)
Packaging. Most primers come in a gloss-type container with a wand. This doesn’t make sense for 2 reasons: first, primer should never be applied with a wand – doing so will put too much product on your lids and actually promote creasing. Eyeshadow Helper comes in a cream form that is easy to spread in a thin film with your finger-tip – the best way to apply a primer. Second, wand containers are wasteful because you can never get the rest of it out. Eyeshadow Helper comes in a round jar that you can enjoy till the very last drop! The formula is weightless, fragrance-free and, of course, never tested on animals. :) This product does contain beeswax so unfortunately it’s not vegan.

It will be available around the middle of the month from our store!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Diary of A Fashion Muse: LFW - Jasper Conran

Diary of A Fashion Muse: LFW - Jasper Conran: "Kate was lucky enough to see Jasper Conran's latest collection whilst in London: 'Holidaying on the Amalfi Coast was the inspiration behin..."

Check this stuff out the clothes are really beautiful, they remind me of times gone by.?

If you have not signed up for the Dairy of A Fashion Muse you should.