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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Press Release - Limecrime & Makeupnet

Media Release

Aussie Women get a Pout Popping Pucker with Limecrime Lipsticks

Say goodbye to sliding, fading and sheer-ness with; Limecrimes best-selling opaque lipsticks. Loaded to the brim with pigment for maximum impact, these beauties offer unparalleled coverage in a range of  rainbow, pout popping shades.

Jill Nolan of in Australia said 'Since the inception of the brand in 2009 the Limecrime brand of makeup really has created an amazing impact on the cosmetic stage with the likes of Australia's Poppy King and Dior's Lottie Stannard, giving the Limecrine brand a great wrap for its boldness and stunning shades'
Lime Crime has been featured in Elle, Teen Vogue, Allure, Nylon, Seventeen, Marie Claire, Lucky, In Style, Heat, Daily Candy and MTV Buzzworthy, and is proud to have high-profile fans such as Adele, Nicki Minaj, Paris Hilton, Cat Deeley, Katy Perry, Robyn, M.I.A. as well as celebrity makeup artists around the world.

Young Australian women are now falling in love with the brand and wanting it for day to day wear as well as party wear.
Jill says ' Limecrime have developed new colours: such as Glamour 101 a deep maroon red, reflective of the Underbelly Razor timeframe. And Chincilla a mavue grey that reflects the roaring 20's. These creative & bold colours really do set Limecrime apart from other major brands of makeup.'

Makeupnet is an Australian based business that has been selling the brand in Australia for over 3 years. Jill and her team have watch Limecrime brand awareness grow as more and more young Australian women are discovering and falling in love the brand.

Limecrime have been keen to expand their presence across the Australian market for some time and are pleased to appoint as their Distributor and introduce their Professional MUA Discount Program for Australian Makeup Artists.

Jill says ‘Makeupnet are very excited about the opportunity to bring this eclectic brand of makeup to more and more young Australian women and retailers around the country'.  We absolutely love the Limecrime brand and feel that it has a real place in the makeup kit of all Makeup Artists and young makeup lovers'.

The exciting news is that the Limcrime range consists of Lipsticks, Eye Shadows, Lip Glosses & Eye Primer with more exciting new products in development right now. 

The unique packaging in mauve with the Unicorn hologram really cements Limecrime as a designer brand of makeup for young women. Find out more at

For Further information/Samples for Editorial Features or to arrange an interview contact:

Please leaver your comments Jill 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Dresses I would love to own

Lots of great looks at the latest awards in the good old US of A !! Love all of these. Which one is your fav ?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Makeup Blogs I love

Today I thought I would share with your some of my favorite blog pages, but I have to say these are just a few as I have loads I love to read.  Reading blogs keeps me up with what everyone is wearing and using in the makeup world.

So make your favorite tea perhaps or something else and spend a little while reading up on what is going on in the world of makeup.  It is all good fun !!

lilcammo93 - shows you how to make a great new DIY Exfoliating scrub...saves money and works a treat 

beautyholicasanonymous - she is really loving earrings right now

Madam B Fatale - Madam tells you about some of her great buys!

Feel free to leave your comments or links to your favorite blog pages - even your own!

cheers Jill

I love this very simple look created using Limecrime Makeup!

Friday, January 27, 2012

5 Things Your Makeup Artist Wants You To Know

5 Things Your Makeup Artist Wants You To Know
The Bridal Look

We all have events in our lives that require us to present ourselves in the best light, and when one of these events comes around we often seek out the services of a hairdresser to ensure our hair looks it’s best & we invest in a new outfit.  However, if you really want to look your best you need to be thinking more broadly about your overall appearance and give some consideration to your skincare and your makeup which can have a big impact on your end result.

It is not always just about ‘the hair and the dress’, so why do we see so many women arriving to one of the biggest events/nights of their lives looking like they’re auditioning for a role on Jersey Shore?

Big hair and plastered on make-up may work for you if you’re on a reality TV show, but in the real world too much makeup and bad hair can ruin your night of celebration. So what should a woman do to make sure her make-up enhances, rather than detracts from her outfit?
We asked professional make up artist Lauren Nolan for some tips to ensure you look the best on your big event. She believes that too many people fail to prepare their faces for their big night out, and that with just a little time each day doing some basic steps, young ladies can really improve the end result.

Lauren believes that these simple strategies listed below should be part of everyone’s beauty routine, and she recommends all women make a special effort to take action about 8 weeks prior to their Makeup Artist arriving to apply their makeup.

”If you are going to invest in an outfit for your event, it’s also worth considering investing in a professional makeup artist to complete the finishing touches,” says Lauren. “By actioning these 5 recommendations will ensure you have a beautiful outcome.”

Lauren said” There is a growing trend for professional women to engage a Makeup Artist before they have a job interview or they make a presentation to clients as they really want to  make sure their overall look is complete & professional”.

Here are Lauren’s - 5 Things Your Makeup Artist Wants You to Know!
1. Have your eyebrows waxed and shaped by a professional – not your best friend please! Do this at least 1 week before the big night.

2. 8 weeks before the big night set up a good skincare routine if you do not have one.  Invest in some good quality natural skincare – try Elly B Orangic skincare made right here in Australia, it is a brilliant range of skincare and smells divine

3. Cleanse your skin morning and night so your skin will glow with a healthy radiance

4. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate, do you get the hint? This is one of the most important things you should do to get rid of dead skin cells and dry skin patches.  Exfoliate at least twice a week before the formal, however, do not exfoliate on the day - the last time you exfoliate should be the day before.


5. Moisturise your skin at least once a day, preferably twice a day and always before applying makeup to your skin.  Botanical Moisturiser from Elly B Organic skincare is a non-greasy product and it works well on all skin types so give it a try.

If you follow these simple steps to prepare for your special event then your Makeup Artist will have beautifully a polished canvas to work on and the end results will be simply stunning.

Remember: If the formal dress is the cake, a woman’s makeup and hair are the icing.
Lauren Nolan MUA works closely with as an advisor to their online Makeup store.

Look amazing on your day 
No matter what the occasion follow these steps and also engage an MUA as a treat, make it even more special

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fashion through the Ages - so brilliant

I loved this Video showing some amazing women that love fashion and style and are not afraid to show it.  Their passion for fun and life is so apparent I really hope you will love it too.

I know when you are in your teens or 20 somethings you don't think that one day I will not be so young anymore, and you know you don't even want to think about it..but I can say that seeing these women and others that embrace life and just get on with having a great time at any age really makes you feel good.

They are amazing women.  Will you be like this, I think I will or I hope I will...tell us what you think please leave a comment..

cheer Jill..tell us what you think..will this be you in 60 years or what kind of older woman will you be do you think?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Limecrime appoint to manage their Professional MUA Program in Australia

Hi everyone,

Have you heard the good news..everyone is talking about it?  What!! You haven't heard about the Limecrime news????

Limecrime has appointed to manage an exclusive Professional Program here in Australia and the gang at Makeupnet are delighted to have been given this opportunity.

Makeupnet is SUPER excited about the launch of the program for Professional MUA's as it means that MUA's can buy buy their favorite Limecrime products for their kits at a discounted price on the 1st Feb 2012.

So if you are a Professioanl MUA get ready to stock up your kit with Limecrime products to use on your clients!

Makeupnet will start taking applications for entry to the Program on the 1st of Feb 2012!  

More news from Limecrime - Feb 2012 will see the release of a new eye shadow pallet in a compact form which is a break away from the Magic Dust Powders.  The new pallet is called Chinadoll and it is simply stunning!
Pre Orders for the pallet will open prior to the release here in Australia through !
In the next week we will  have even more exicting news for Australia Retailers regarding Limecrime Makeup so make sure you are a fan on facebook page so you hear the news as it breaks!


Jill Nolan

Monday, January 16, 2012

Chinadoll by Limecrime - New Exciting Products

Limecrime have announced that they are launching a new exciting set of eye shadows in a pallet form - Chinadoll - see colours below.  The collection consists of 5 brilliant and vibrant colours & comes in a cute purple tin which is the signature colour for all Limecrime products.  The tin features the Limecrime Logo and the Unicorn which is what we expect to see on all of our fav Limecrime products.  I love the packaging as it just adds to the whole experience of using the Limecrime brand.

I am very excited to see Limecrime move to the compressed shadows as I have hoped for some time that they would go down this lets hope there will be more. 

Fly Dragon Fly – fiery red [matte]
Parasol – sky blue [matte]
Goldfish – bright gold [metallic]
Jade-o-Lade – rich jade [matte]
Lotus Noir – deepest black [matte]

 Don’t let her milky skin, pouty mouth and flushed cheeks fool you; underneath the poised fa├žade, there lies a heart of a tigress...

 Lime Crime’s long-anticipated foray into the realm of pressed eyeshadow begins with Chinadoll. Brought to life by indie style icon Hanna Beth, this collection is not for the faint of heart with shades of flame red, sky blue, sparkling gold, deep jade and jet black bursting forth. True to Lime Crime tradition, each eyeshadow is lavishly-pigmented, creamy in texture and provides superior coverage and blendability to satisfy even the pickiest eyeshadow lover. The five hues come encased in a deluxe purple tin.
THE CHINADOLL LOOKas created by Doe Deere, Makeup Artist & Lime Crime Founder
“Chinadoll is fragile and bold, soft-spoken and out-spoken, a free spirit of undeniable presence. I created a romantic duality by casting watercolor gradients against sharper lines -- Lotus Noir was applied under lower lashes, blended into Jade-o-Lade, then faded seamlessly into Parasol. Finally, I added soft-red accents to her cheeks, brows and around the temples for an innocent glow evocative of vintage Chinese advertising posters.”

Fly Dragon Fly – fiery red [matte]
Parasol – sky blue [matte]
Goldfish – bright gold [metallic]
Jade-o-Lade – rich jade [matte]
Lotus Noir – deepest black [matte]
Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Retails for $34.99. Net wt. 5 x 1.3 g. Chinadoll will be a permanent addition to the line. Available starting around February 28th via

Makeupnet works very closely with Limecrimes Doe Deere and her partner Mark to ensure you get the new products as quickly as possible and at the best prices. 

Remember if you buy this pallet and a lipstick you will get FREE post across Australia so be smart with your shopping and get Free post when you spend $50.00 at

Pre orders will open soon so watch Facebook for the announcement for your pre-order!



Saturday, January 14, 2012

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend? Right? But who can afford them!

Women for centuries have loved diamonds and I don't think anything has changed?  Has it? I love beautiful diamonds but the real deal is sooooooo expensive.  If you want to wear something that people will actually notice the size of the diamond needs to be very large and then we are talking some many thousands of $$ .

Well.....that was until I discovered the brand of jewels by a company called Secrets...shhhh.  Now I had seen these stores dotted around the country but I have to say I had not ventured into one until last week and I was blown away with what they have to offer.

This is a beautiful bracelet straight from the runway looks!

Bold and Beautiful - these look like real diamonds to me

A solitaire diamond ring is the most beautiful engagement ring or brilliant dress ring  

Studs look fantastic on anyone!  Me included !
Just take a look at some of the items they have for sale and then I will tell you a little about the product these are what is called Simulated Diamonds and it is an Australian company - even better .

Jane Meredith is the Managing Director of Secrets Shhh.....
Visit the web site to read about the company and more importantly see what they have on will love it. Earrings were $299.00 which is way more affordable than $10,000!  What is your favorite stone?  Leave a comm

Friday, January 13, 2012

Teddy Charles co creator with Sunsilk Plumed Up Volume Mouse

I have always had the flattest hair ever and so over the years I have tried many different products to help get some body happening, from mouse to tongs, to gel, to hair spray & hair name it I have tried it.  Many of the products I have purchased with the promise to give me BIG HAIR have cost a lot of money also...some were a total waste of money and some delivered minimal results.  However none of them had me coming back for a second purchase.

This past 2 weeks I have been using a Hair mouse created by Sunsilk and available at the Supermarket for just a few $...and I have to say that I am really impressed with this one and feel that the end results will have me going back for more.  This is not a paid advertisement it is my view on a product that is accessible to us all.  If you have flat hair it is worth a try...using this with my round brush and hair dryer gives me a much better end result that lasts all day. 

I did a little research on the product and the guy that helped to create this range of products with Sunsilk....I will get the full range in my next venture to the supermarket as I am sure using the full range will get even better results!.

Sunsilk have produced this cute video and the details of the creator are below so enjoy the read and share with me your best hair products for volume Jill 

Raised in Paris, Teddy began styling hair when he was just 14.

Throughout his early 20s, he assisted two of the most creative and inspirational stylists of their generation - Julien D'Ys and Orlando Pita.
It was during this time that Teddy flourished to become one of the world's leading hair stylists.

Now based in New York, and renowned for his skill, precision and bohemian sense of style, Teddy is feted by the global fashion press and top photographers alike.
A much-loved favourite of Mario Testino and Karl Lagerfeld (and the ‘stylist of choice' for a-list stars, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cameron Diaz), the team at affectionately refers to Teddy as their "Haute Hottie". And hot is definitely something Teddy knows all about.

With a decade of hands-on experience and styling for cutting-edge catwalk shows in soaring humidity backstage and on-location in far-flung places, Teddy's unique insights make him a leading expert on the way humidity and heat affects hair.
"People don't appreciate the impact that weather, in particular heat and humidity, can have on your hair" Teddy explains.

"When you work with models from all over the world you see how, when it's humid, some women's hair goes flat, some frizzy, some wavy."
So when Sunsilk asked Teddy to co-create a Weather Defence range, it was a match made in hair heaven.

"I wanted the impossible: a range that worked both backstage, outdoors in extreme conditions and on all hair types" says Teddy. " It didn't exist, so I co-created my own with Sunsilk – our new Weather Defence range."

This dedication to perfection led to a truly breakthrough solution for millions of women. After all, Teddy notes, "No woman should be held back from looking her best". -original article.
Please share your hair volume remedies with us all! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Guest Bloger Klara from Click Your Heels With Me!

We invited our fans to become a Guest Bloger for us and today we run the first of those Guest Blogers Klara Burgess. Read a little about Klara and then you can see what her focus is for the blog..its a great read..

My name is Klara, and I am the author of Click Your Heels a new Aussie beauty blog on the scene. Really I'm just another twenty-something with an unhealthy appetite for all things makeup, beauty and fashion related. I began Click Your Heels because I wanted a place to share with others my interest in beauty and fashion. I hope you enjoy my guest post for MakeupNet!

As the great Giorgio Armani once said:
"Accessories are important and becoming more and more important every day. They can completely change the look of an outfit, and women like the idea of having a wardrobe that's versatile. For instance, a strong piece of jewellery can make a simple outfit look elegant."

Prada Python Boot Fall 2011

This season it is all about the fashion accessory, statement necklaces, beaded bracelets, fringe, fringe and more fringe and  python print are all flavours of the moment. When your wardrobe is looking a little tired and boring adding a few key accessories can totally transform your look. Invest in good quality basic  pieces of clothing then each season spend your money on the trend accessories
of the moment.  Animal print is a pattern that seems to never really go out of fashion. This year the animal print du jour is the python print seen at Prada Fall 2011 Ready to Wear. The easiest way to get some python  in your life is to add a simple print clutch to your outfit. It’s simple and understated so you will be on trend without looking like you’ve tried too hard.

If your jewellery collection needs an update don’t think dainty pretty pieces, this season it is all about statement jewellery. A torque necklace in silver or brushed gold adds instant interest to a simple black or white tee shirt. The most covetable wrist candy of the season
has to be the Shamballa bracelet, layer up the colourful beads on each
arm and you’re set.                                          Olivia Palermo at DKNY's Sun Soiree

Miu Fall/Winter 2011 showcased vintage ladylike style with fun accessories; the cat eye sunglasses. These don’t have to be reminiscent of 1960’s housewife glamour. The new take on this style is a more
subtle and rounded shape than its predecessor. You can go for a classic black frame or even try out some coloured frame versions.

Miu Miu Fall/Winter
2011 Ready-to-Wear Collection

At Isabel Marant Fall/Winter 2011 it was the fringe boots which were the standout of the collection. Fringe is finding its way into many accessories this season notably the across the shoulder bag. This piece is perfect for the current festival season. It’s large enough to fit the essentials and an easy way to indulge in the fringe trend.

Isabel Marant F/W 2011

What are your favourite fashion accessories this season?  What will you be purchasing? Please leave a comment below we’d love to hear your purchases.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Free Exfoliation Gloves to Subscribers - 2 pairs to be won

Do you exfoliate your body or just your face....or neither???  I have always worked my face but often neglect my body.  Which is a little sad because when you take a good look at yourself you realise that your overall body does show and that when your skin is not in good condition it can really impact how good you look.

We - well most of us spend time on dressing and doing our hair and makeup and not thinking about the rest of the skin we my thoughts this past few weeks shifted to looking at my arms and legs and boobs for skin tone.  While it is not all bad news I did feel it was time to focus a little on these areas.

So I tried out these little gloves - not expensive and easy to use in the shower or the bath and I have to say I was pleased with the overall results.  Dry areas are now gone and the skin feels smoother..when I apply body lotion it sinks in quickly and my skin feel moisturised where as before I had to pile it on to feel moisturised I only need a small amount now, because the dead skin is not soaking it all up.

I want to give away 2 pairs of these gloves to subscribers of the blog so if you want a pair - subscribe to the blog - doing the same on our face book page.  2 lucky subscribers will get a pair free.

About our blog- we only blog if we feel there is something worthy of blogging about - so new brands on the market a new product that we feel is worth a mention or some fashion information that really grabs our attention.

We also invite others to blog about their brands here as well , so if you are in business and want to share some info - subscribe and then contact us at to run your information here - all free!!   xx Jill