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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mishkamink Makeup Artist uses Lime Crime

Mishkamink Melbourne famous makeup artist is a big fan of Lime Crime..see her here wearing Countessa Florescent.  Check out her blog also, she is very focused on makeup and works all over the world.

wearing 'Countessa Flourescent' by @Limecrime. It's bright! on Twitpic$23.00 from + free post

Lime Crime Review is a must for Lime Crime fans!

This is a review of Lime Crime Lipsticks which compares it to the MAC brand of lipsticks, and the good news is that I think it tells us all that Lime Crime Lipsticks are full of colour and very creamy. (but you knew that didn't you?)  In many cases the colours are stronger and better value than the MAC colours!

You can buy Lime Crime makeup here in Australia from and get free shipping.  The prices quoted in this review are in US & UK $ and do not include shipping costs.  The prices in Australia with free shipping are very comparable to the prices quoted.

New Model just like the old one?

Check out the new Vogue model.

Does she look like someone we have seen before?  Yes your right she does.  She looks a lot like her Mum..well she does to me, maybe even prettier than her Mum?  Its Bianca Jagger, yes the daughter of Jerry and Mick.

Do you think she got the gig because of her Mum and Dad or do you think she is worthy of the role on her own merrits?  Tell us what you think and be nice!