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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lime Crime & Advertising Competition

The Prize is a Lime Crime Lipstick

I want to give away a Lime Crime Lipstick to the very best entry!

I need some help and so I am asking everyone to see if they can help me please!!  I need to find some clever or inspirational way  to advertise my new business name and the products that I sell!!!!!

If you were advertising my site tell me how you would go about it?  The best and most useful entry will recieve a fantastic and cool lipstick from the Lime Crime Rainbow Collection valued at $23.00 if it is really good I might thrown in an Eye Dust as well.

You can write an advertisment or creat an advetisment or come up with a unquie idea on how to advertise my business.  Ask your friends to send me their ideas. 

So sign up to my Makeupnet Blog, take a look at my web store and then tell me how I should advertise my site or write me an advetising blurb...

Win one of these!

Competition closed on the 15th March..entries should be emailed to

Please ensure your ideas are suited to be sent out world wide!  You will get credited on the idea if you win. 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Milani Cosmetics new to Makeupnet

Milani is a fantastic range of makeup that is so well priced it is amazing ! 
It does prove that you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy really good cosmetics at all.  They have some really nice colours in their eye shadows which I am really a big fan of. 
 I am hoping to have this new product in our store very soon. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

It has been a while since I did an update and I have to say I am very sorry but a lot has been happening behind the scenes!

We have a new business name and a new domian name.  

We are now called Makeupnet and  along with a new name we have a fantastic new product to sell and distribute along with our famous brand Lime Crime.

The new skincare range is Bellaboo and is a product range that is aimed a young ladies between 12 & 21 years of age. The range has products that target this age groups specific issues.  So check it out it works like a dream and looks fantastic in its very cool packaging.
The products are 95% natural and very safe on all skin types.

Lime Crime has now been launched in Canada in Urban Outfitters and it sold out in the first two days!  It is truley a top range of beautiful makeup.  Our Lime Crime fans just love it!

Check out our new Lime Crime book and tell me if you like it- it is on the front page of the store and the music!!