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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Limecrime Makeup, Nyx Cosmetics & Medusa Makeup Online. Discounted - Home Page

Limecrime Makeup, Nyx Cosmetics & Medusa Makeup Online. Discounted - Home Page

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas is almost here - what do you want?

It is almost that time where the trees are up and the gifts are wrapped under the tree.  So tell me what do you want most this Christmas?

Is it something like world peace?  Or a new dress?  Or a nice new man in your life?  What is it you want for Christmas - pretend there are no barriers to getting what you wish for.

Me, I want a fun day on Christmas day with all my family, lots of good food and to look good on the day.  Looking good on the day has always been important to me and that means thiner than I am this week and a nice new outfit.

Share with us what it is you want!!
Christmas Tree

Limecrime for Xmas

Limecrime for Xmas

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween is on the way and we want you to win!

Halloween is just around the corner and in Australia there is a growing trend to hold parties and to really get into it with great makeup creativity.

I want to have some fun and hope you will join in on the fun and so I want to see some really inspiring makeup looks for Halloween!

Please Subscribe here to our blog so you hear about other competitions also and tell your friends and then post all your best Halloween makeup looks on our face book page to enter a draw to win a $50.00 spending spree in the store - 

Just could get some free Limecrime Makeup or free Medusa Makeup, or tinted moisturiser or shapewear ......just for having some fun with your makeup!

The link to our face book page is right down the bottom of the page so go and take a look and see what we have to show you with our fans pictures. We would love you to 'Like' our page.

I love these eyes! Se the use of the Lashes for dramatic effect!

This was created using Styletto,Retrofuturist & and Gloss!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gothic Vamp Makeup & Indy Brands

I love ‘indy’ makeup.  Its unique and creative and offers us something some of the major brands don’t..something different.  Major brands really are very much the same and when I shop the ‘indy’ brands I know I will find something exciting to bring to our customers. 

Read about Morgana and how she got started in her business making some very good quality lipsticks.

Beautiful Bold Lipsticks are a must and this one from Morgana is stunning

This is called 'Bees Knees" and is my favorite colour from the 1920's collection

Morgana Cryptoria is a woman owned small business located in Arizona.  Cryptoria is an expansion of Morgana Minerals, a company created in November 2006. 

From 2006-2008 Morgana spent time learning about ingredients, experimenting with formulas, & web design. In 2008, orders would trickle in once in awhile. By 2009, orders began to increase due to word of mouth. Mid 2009 Morgana Minerals began to get recognized by beauty blogs and started to get the exposure it really needed. 

In late 2010 Morgana opened Morgana Cryptoria & closed Morgana Minerals.

Morgana’s plan is to become less of a mineral makeup company and focus on traditional cosmetics while working on plans to expand into gothic clothing, decor, and jewellery in the future.

Morgana is mostly known for her famous handcrafted vegan lipsticks.

Do you aspire to start your own makeup range..if so we would love to hear from you and help promote your brand.
This brand is now avaiable in Australia from Lipsticks are $13.99

Friday, September 30, 2011

Jozelle Alignate Blue Mask with Vitamin E

Guest Review Lizzi D:  She what she had to say about the Jozelle Alginate with Vitamin E Mask:

Looks funny on but looks amazing after!

This is the container of powder - Jozelle

The powder is a light blue and you mis it with water to form a thick paste and then apply it to your face.

I found there was enough of the mask mixture to do my face and my mum’s so technically I have 2 reviews for you, my mum is in her 60s and insisted she needed it more than me.  I’m only in my 20s but I believe prevention is better than cure.

The mask itself was easy to make up once you got passed the technical terms used in the instructions,  I’m a scientist so I understood them fully but sadly I do not have access to a still at home to use distilled water, so given we are on tank water I opted for cooled boiled water as this was the purest I could manage. 

Given the basis of the mask and the warnings about seafood allergies I expected a seaweedy smell at the very least but was pleasantly surprised to find it was just really clean smelling, light and fresh.

Application of the mask was easy and quite fun too, it was lovely and cooling when placed on the face, once it started to dry it began to tighten but it was a gentle tightening feeling rather than something harsh like a lot of peel off masks.  

We waited a little while and then peeling off the mask time.  This bit was fun in a creepy way.  On the inside of the mask it was visible where it had been, every pore and line appeared.  On my skin it felt smooth and lovely but the real magic was when I took it off my mother’s 60+, somewhat sun damaged face and the difference was visible immediately.  

The skin appeared lighter and certainly visibly smoother, any redness had gone and I certainly believe a few of the lines,  I was amazed.  Needless to say I jumped onto the computer to see how much this mask would set us back, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was not going to cost an arm and a leg.

Sadly the following morning most of the magic hard worn off but the smoothness and the lack of redness was still visible.  Given the time this mask took to make up, apply and use I was very pleased with the results and will certainly be buying it in the future. 

I want to thank Lizzi and her mother for participating in this review and for their feedback.  The mask is fantastic and if is it used on a regular basis it will give you some great improvements in your skin texture.

This product is great to use on the day or night you have a big event you want to look amazing for as it soothes the skin and tightens and gives you a great canvas to  out your makeup on.  It is really good on the d├ęcolletage area to smooth out some lines and give you a younger firmer look.  

Thanks ladies for your input - we will be stocking this brand of mask real soon!  cheers Jill

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Megan Gales new Swim wear Line

I love nice swimwear don't you?  Well  I wish it loved me as much back, but alas I do not look all that good in swimwear.  But that does not stop me looking....we can look ok? So here you can take a look with me at the new line in David Jones.

Megan Gales new line of swim wear is shapely and uses great prints and I really do love the whole collection..even the ones that would no suit me at all.  
Megan Gale

This is my favorite one I think..I love animal print

Great detail and nice shaped back, nothing can gape here.

This suit is reminiscent of the 50's and it's all about glamor

Beautiful Black and white you cannot go wrong with this combo

There are many more in the collection and I believe you can buy it ad David Jones. 



Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jurlique Anti-Aging Skincare Review Part 2

You might recall I won a load of Jurlique products recently?  I reviewed the Day Cream last week and that has been brilliant and I am still using it and loving the impacts it is having on my skin. 

My skin is firmer and I do feel that the lines around my eyes are minimised..which is all good news.



Today I will let you know about my views of the Night Lotion - this is an unusual product range in my view as normally you get a day lotion and a night cream..this range has a Night Lotion and a Day cream. 

The Night lotion is very light on the skin and it sinks in very quickly which is all great.  It does not feel heavy at all like some other night time products so at first I was a little concerned that it might not give me enough moisture overnight?  I am pleased to say that my skin feel really nice in the morning and it looks good too. 

I am very pleased so far with the range of products so if you are looking for some skincare for the mature age group this is a definite keeper!

Would I pay $69.00 for it - yes, does it do what it is supposed to do - yes it does in my view. 


The eye cream and the face serum reviews are still to sign up for those.

 Here is what the manufacturer has to say about the product.

Purely Age-Defying Night Lotion

A high-performance lightweight lotion that encourages skin renewal overnight for increased radiance by morning. Works in synergy with Purely Age-Defying Facial Serum to moisturise and diminish the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.  $68.99 a tube.

The Benefits:
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Provides long-lasting moisturisation and hydration.
  • Diminishes the appearance of skin discolourations.
The Ingredients:
  • Rock Samphire and Yeast Extract help support skin’s collagen network, creating a firmer look and reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Shea butter and Borage Seed Oil, essential fatty acids, help replenish skin’s natural lipid barrier.
  • Licorice Root and Vitamin C work synergistically to reduce the appearance of skin discolourations.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Magical Tinted BB Cream Review by Guest Blogger Aryanny

Earlier this week we posted our Guest Blogger Aryanny Zaini's review of a brand of BB Tinted Moisturiser. 

This is the second review conducted by Aryanny for Makeupnet on the new brand of Tinted Moisturiser called Magical - this comes in 3 shades.

We want to say a very big thank you to Aryanny again for her honest review of these products!

Magical BB Cream SPF30+ (40ml) - RRP$9.99

What "Magical BB Cream" says:
  *  Extract of five grains, soothes sensitive skin and smoothen the texture.
  *  Super multi BB cream functions as a primer, foundation and powder. It visibly reduces imperfections, smoothes skin and prevents makeup from smudging.
*  A "water-in-silicon" type, this cream based product glides on without irritating skin. It's non-oily formula, fresh on skin all day long.
  *  Protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

This is what Aryanny had to say about the brand:

As it didn't come with a box or even any information of the product on the tube itself, I had to Google and after half an hour, found some information as described above. They only have a list of ingredients on the tube.
This comes in a 40ml squeezy tube. Currently this range has three different shades and the one I'm reviewing is shade "3".

This reminds me a lot like a tinted moisturiser. It is really creamy and light. It is also easy to apply and blends beautifully. Minimal effort to get decent coverage. It does have a slight scent to it. It's hard to describe, but smells a bit "cosmetic" like. This is of course not noticeable when worn.  It surprisingly has good coverage, it even covered my dark circles.

Lasting power on this, is excellent.
It did not rub off or smudged itself at all. With the warmer tone in this shade, it left no chalkiness or grey tones on me whatsoever. It is just a little pink on my warm skintone, but nothing a little bronzer could not fix.

As from the product description, this is definitely a no-fuss cream. Sometimes I'm hesitant in using a product when it lists too many uses and benefits, like they're trying to "convince" you to buy it. I have tried to use this as a primer too and it worked beautifully. Made my makeup stay put all day and kept it fresh & long lasting. Having said that, I have dry skin, so I can't vouch for people with oily or combination skin.

Overall conclusion: I highly recommend this product as your first BB cream. It really is easy to use, feels light and natural on the skin. It even worked excellently with my warm skin tone, so I am confident there's a shade to suit everyone.

Would I purchase this? Yes, most definitely. Even for $9.99, I can not fault this product at all as it delivered everything it said and more. 

This brand is on sale at in the On Sale Shop at $9.99 a tube.

Monday, September 19, 2011

BB Beautiful Caroline Tinted Moisturiser Cream Review

We asked one of our Face book fans to write a review for us on a couple of our BB creams.

 We were very pleased that Aryanny Zaini offered to do these reviews for us.  There were two products sent to Aryanny and the first is the Caroline BB Cream product and the other is the Magical BB Cream that comes in 3 shades.

Here is what Aryanny had to say about the Caroline Cream
Beautiful Caroline BB Cream SPF30+ (50ml) - RRP$14.99

Now I was really excited to try my first ever BB cream as I have heard and read a few online reviews. From what I understand, BB creams are supposed to be treatment products, meaning they're suppose to actually heal and promote healthier skin conditions. For those who are wondering what BB stands for, it's Blemish Balm. Yes, I find it funny it's a Blemish Balm cream too.

What "Beautiful Caroline BB Cream" says:

It leaves a radiant, clear and healthy complexion with flawless and natural finish with rosemary scent. It has total revitalising effect of hydrating, anti-wrinkle, nourishing and brightening benefits. It evens out skintone with velvety smooth texture and conceals blemishes, discolouration areas on face including acne, age spots, dark circles, sun spots and scars.
Key features:  Whitening effect  
                     Anti wrinkle         
                     Moisture supply
                     Skin protection
                     Natural skin tone
                     Soothing effect
                     Sebum control

What I say:

Before I go on describing the product, I'll give a quick rundown of my skin type and condition, as we all know everyone is different, where one product can work for one person might not work for the next.

* I have dry sensitive skin
* Moderate dark circles
* Makeup shades commonly used: MAC NC44, "tan", "warm", "medium"

So from the above, I have quite warm undertones and tan easily. I am also considered to come under the "medium-dark" category in some brands too.

From the product description, I had huge expectations. It covers scars!? Wow! This product reminds me a little of Invisible Zinc. I can tell there's a lot of zinc in it, as it has that "sunscreeny" difficulty in applying it. Having said that, it does not have any of the greasiness that comes with most sunscreens. It comes in a squeezy tube with 50ml of product.

From what I can tell, there's no scent whatsoever, so I am not sure what the rosemary scent is about as described above. It really is fragrance free. As you already know with my warm skintone, this product looks very chalky on me. It leaves that grey tone on me. I had to pop heaps of bronzer for it to look remotely natural on me.
While it was on, it does feel natural and light. It also didn't rub off during the day. With their claims of covering acne, age spots, dark circles, sun spots and scars, this is simply not true. Not even close. This cream has minimal pigmentation and colour, it didn't even cover my dark circles let alone scars and acne.

As it has quite substantial amount of zinc in it, I can only imagine it would be more suitable with people who come under the "porcelain" and "ivory" skintones. For everyone else, be prepared to use a bronzer over the top, to minimise chalkiness.

Overall conclusion: All in all, I can't fault the product itself. With a huge SPF, this is a must in Australia and this is perfect for that reason. It is easy to use, light in texture, sits easily on skin and lasts all day without it rubbing off. If it came in more realistic shades, I'd probably like it more. Would I purchase it? No I wouldn't as I feel it did not benefit me at all.

Thanks so much for the honest review - this is a product that we will not be stocking in the near future!  Stay tuned for Aryanny's next review!

If you would like to have opportunites to review products please subscirbe to our page and also become a Fan on Facebook. 
We have other products that will be reviewed very soon my some of our fans!

cheers Jill

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jurlique Anti Aging Skincare Review

This week I started using the Jurlique Purley Age-Defying Skincare range on a regular basis. 

You might recall I won a set of the Jurlique Age Defying Skincare which I was extremely grateful for from one of my favorite blogs.

The product that really interested me was the one that offers to Firm & Lift as we all want that right?  I can say that when I apply the cream to my face it feels really nice, it smells nice too.

As the cream starts to skin into the skin you can actually feel it start to firm up and tighten the skin, its not an unnatural feel it actually feels very nice.

I have used it for a few days now and think that my skin looks very healthy and the lines on my face are looking finer.  Jurlique tell you that after 6 weeks of use that I will feel my skin is much firmer.  So I will keep using this and the other products I received and let you all know if this is the case.

The price for the Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream is $90.00.  I will want to see results for a product that costs $90.00.

This is the product below - it looks nice also - which is something that usually attracts us all to a brand?  Yes or No?  Does packaging influence your buying?
Cheers Jill - my next review will be of the Day time far so good.

Monday, September 12, 2011

BB Tinted Creams - have you used them?

I have tried a BB cream before however the ones that I tried were not very good, they were very pale and just too dry on my skin..then I discovered this brand Magical BB Cream...and I love it!

This is the brand that I have been testing out and I have to say it is really very good. 

It costs $9.99 for 40 mls which is pretty good value compared to many other tinted moisturizers.  The big thing about these BB creams is that are called BB creams which stands for Ban Blemishes and this essentially means that they help to control oil  and they seem to calm down the blemishes.  

These BB creams have been very popular across Asia for many years and they are now really starting to have an impact here.

This brand comes in 3 shades

I have been wearing the dark beige on my skin but feel the Light Beige would also work for these have a greater depth of color than most BB creams as well.  Others I have tried in the past have been so pale that I looked like a ghost in them.

I like they way these creams cover the skin, it feels moisturized and it looks very smooth and the color is consistent..which is just what we all want.

If you have been considering a tinted moisturizer and thought they were too expensive then this is a great one to try.  Your skin will love it too.

Have you used a BB cream?  What did you think of it?

xoxoxox Jill

Saturday, September 10, 2011

An Interview - Professional Makeup Artist Rae Morris

Interview - Professional Makeup Artist Rae Morris - Professional Beauty: Australian Beauty Industry News for Beauty Salons, Spas, Nail Technicians, Nail Bars, Tanning Salons, Waxing Salons, Beauty Colleges, Skin Rejuvenation Clinics


Rae Morris - Australian Makeup Artist launches her own range of brushes - check out the review and interview.
The brushes look amazing and compared to some other well know brands of brushes they are probably not out of the ball park.

The total price is $899 for a set of 26.

Rae also recommends washing your brushes in either a special brush cleaner or in dish washing liquid, & clean them at least once a week..she goes onto say that if you use good brushes you use less makeup so I guess they will save you money on makeup products!

I think they also look cute - much nicer than a black handle don't you think?  
  • Would you buy these brushes?  
  • Whats the most expensive brush you have ever purchased and was it worth the money?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anti Aging Mask made from Alginate & Vitamin E

Everyone wants to keep their complexion looking young and I am no exception here at all.  

I recently went on a stock finding mission for my business and while I was looking for makeup I found a great product that I have been trying which is supposed to help keep my skin looking younger.

The product is called Alginate Face Mask with Vitamin E by Jozelle and it is an anti-oxidant and a firming mask.  It comes in a really large tub.

It comes in the form of a light blue powder 

You take a small amount of the powder and mix it into a paste with water and then use a spatula to apply it to your face.  

Then the fun begins!  

It sets like a rubber mask and you can feel it tightening up the skin and it feels really good!

You need to leave it on for about 7-10 minutes then you can peel it off - and when you get good at it I hear it comes off in almost one piece - believe me I am not there yet.

I can tell you that my skin looks fantastic after using it and it feels good too.  The fine lines almost disappear for a while and this is just what you want for a special occasion as your makeup will look great on firm skin.

See here how it looks - this is not me just for the record..

I want to offer to send some samples of this mask to those that would like to try it?  You must be a follower of the blog and agree to post a review of the product here for me?  I am not selling this brand so this is not a sales pitch...I just want to get some feedback before I even consider this brand for my store.

If you live in Australia and would like to try a sample - leave a comment and then email me at and send me your name and address please. 

NOTE: If you are allergic to seafood then this mask is not for you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jurlique Age Defying Skincare range

I am so excited about this update - why?  Because I have won a pack of Jurlique skincare valued at $250.00.

This is the range from which my products will come from.  Have you tired this range at all?  I have not used it, however I have heard it is very good so once I have had some time using it I will post a review.  See what Jurlique say about the range:  

Purely Age-Defying

Set back the hands of time with this powerfully potent lineup of anti-ageing products. Help minimise the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles while providing long-lasting hydration.

I won this  by reading anothers blog and commenting on why I would like to try this range, so it was a total surprise when I found out I had one the package.  Have you ever won anything?

So sign up for the updates!

Join us on Facebook where we giveaway free products and ask you to evaluate products for us!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Australia's Lime Door brands Signs Global Fashion Deal with Dita Von Teese

I do like a Burlesque look don't I was keen to know a little more when I read this article about Dita Von Tesse given she is most famous for her Burlesque work.  Diat ia working with an Australian brand which is very exciting so read on...

Australia's lime door brands Signs Global Fashion Deal with Dita Von Teese
MELBOURNE, Australia, April 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Australian brand development powerhouse, lime door brands has signed a global deal with international burlesque star and fashion icon Dita Von Teese. The agreement sees lime door brands and the performer becoming co-owners of a number of brands.

Lime Door brands' first offering with Von Teese will be a line of lingerie and associated undergarments. The collection — with sizes ranging from extra-small to plus-sizes, and bras up to an E-cup — will offer a touch of glamour to women of all sizes and shapes. The line is intended for global distribution. 

Dita Von Teese said, "I love lingerie that fits well and is also beautiful, bringing function together with glamour and sensuality. I am especially excited to be designing lingerie with a vast sizing range so that women of all shapes and sizes can have a beautiful, sensual lingerie wardrobe that suits their body type. Indulging in elegant lingerie isn't about the seduction of another person, it's about seducing yourself first and embracing womanhood and femininity.

"Dita Von Teese is world-renowned as a burlesque performer. She is probably best described as an old-school Hollywood siren," said lime door brands' Chief Executive Officer, Michele Hamdorf. "With a Twitter following over 674,000, Dita Von Teese is arguably one of the biggest global style icons of today," she added. "Her success has been based on her strong head for business and her distinctiveness. As a brand strategist and developer, I am certain that our collaboration will prove similarly successful."

According to Hamdorf, it is anticipated that the product offering will be extended in time, with the introduction of a dress range and other categories. After its introduction into Australia later this year, plans are already afoot for an immediate expansion into international markets — starting with the UK in 2012.

"This is an exciting opportunity," Dita said. "I'm delighted to be in the process of creating both a line of retro-glamorous clothing and lingerie in a new partnership with Australian company lime door brands."

About Lime Door brands:

Lime Door brands is a boutique brand house and management consultancy boasting a portfolio of global fashion brands.
Specialising in innovative web and creative concepts, social media and below-the-line marketing, lime door brands manage brands end-to-end with strategic positioning, design, manufacturing, distribution and channel management.
Michele Hamdorf (M.E. Exec) is the Chief Executive of lime door brands. Bringing together extensive experience in the retail, fashion and telecommunications industries, lime door brands brings new brands to the global market from conception to implementation with a core emphasis around social media and digital marketing.

About Dita Von Teese:
Internationally renowned as the Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese has also established herself as a well-respected fashion icon for her distinctive style and eternally immaculate presentation. She has appeared in high-fashion magazines including Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Madison, Vogue, Elle and Playboy, and is seen front-row at the most prestigious fashion shows across the globe.
She has performed at exclusive events and parties for Victoria's Secret, Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton among many others, was the first guest star in the history of the legendary Crazy Horse in Paris, and recently starred as a femme fatale on an episode of CSI.
This "Burlesque Superheroine" (Vanity Fair) determines every aspect of her burlesque shows from the set and costume, to the music and lighting. Her famous burlesque performances feature elaborate costumes and props, with her signature acts including a giant gilded powder compact, an opulent opium den and a martini glass that she bathes in, complete with olive sponge.
Dita remains the role-model for a new generation of women for her resurrection of old-world glamour, elegance and poise and for her dedication to the empowerment of all women.

She encourages women to play up their best features to find confidence within themselves. She advocates that women can create their own beauty and sexiness, regardless of their age, size or ethnicity.
Dita is an ambassador for a number of brands, but is excited to be playing such a large role in the launch of her own apparel and intimates ranges, where she collaborates on creative elements and design. She co-owns the brands, bearing her name, with Australian company, lime door brands.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sourcing new products for Clients- NYX Cosmetics

This week a client asked me if we had the NYX S118 Eye Shadow box in stock. The bad news was that we did not have it at all and never had one.  This box has 112 different eye shadows in it and looked amazing, just the thing a Makeup Artist would want to have in her kit.

The bad news for my clinet Melissa was that she had exhausted her contacts trying to locate one of these pallets and my supplier told me that they did not have one either. What to do as I hate to leave a client without a product when they need one?

But wait!!!!!  My supplier came back to me very excited as they had located 2 of the NYX S118 Pallets in a cancelled order!  How happy was I?  Very happy as it always feels good to find something your clients want desperatley.

I can tell you that when I let my client Melissa know about the find she was very excited and said 
" Send it to me immediatley!"   Here is a link to her blog and you can tell how excited she is about the pallet.  Glitter Princess Blog

Lucky for me the supplier found 2 so I purchased both as I thought I might have to have one of these amazing pallets myself.  Take a look at them and you will know why the fuss.

 Great Colours aren't they?  The bottom set of colours is on a slide out tray which means it is very compact to fit into a Makeup Kit.

Have you tried NYX - love to hear what products you have used and if you liked them?

You know what happen next?  I showed the box on Facebook to our fans and you guessed it, someone else purchased the second box.  So now I don't have one left for me..oh well the customers must come first.  I will be ordering more of these and I will keep one for me..I love a pallet.

These are RRP $59.99 for 112 colours which is pretty good value and NYX is a great quality makeup.