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Sunday, March 27, 2011

New swimwear ?? Competition to win one free!!!

I had to share this with you all as it is a great competition.  Everyone loves new swimwear right?  Well here is a great offer to enter a competition to win one free!!   And it is an Australian company with lots of great swimwear to ffer all sizes and shapes...I know where I will be buying my next suit

Go to it and enter, I did! this is the web site where you can see the swimsuits.

Good luck!

See what Cassie has to say about Limecrime and see what she has created!

Cassie also has a great blog that is well worth subscribing too and letting all your friends know about her tutorials. Cassie is one of the most watched You Tube Beauty Gurus' in Australia and she is really charming, check her out and tell me what you think.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Update on the Gel for Eye Lashes and Brows

Hey everyone, I am pleased to report that the gel is actually having an impact on the lashes and the brows.  They are both looking stronger and they are also thicker.  I think that this gel has actually slowed down sheding which means that the lashes look thicker and healthier.

The product is not cheap but the amount you get will last you a long time, you just have to remember to use it everyday and twice a day which is not hard when you see good results.

This is the company that is selling the gel, see previous blogs for the name.
cheers Jill

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ecrinal Eye Lash Treatment Trial

Ecrinal has a range of products for Nails & Eyes

Strengthening Lash Gel
This gel makes eyelashes and eyebrows nicer and help strengthen and stimulate re-growth.
Totally invisible. Can  be used as a night treatment.
 (ANP®, castor oil)

Hi everyone, I have been spending a lot of time looking for new products to try and I am excited to say that I have found a few that I will talk about over the coming weeks.   The first one I want to talk about is a treatment ( pictured above) that was recommend to me to try out for my eye lashes which are a little on the thin side and could use some help!

The product is a clear gel like substance that comes like a mascara wand.  It is recommended to use it morning and night and you can put your mascara over the top, infact they make this stuff in a msacara as well, but you don't want to wear a mascara to bed do you???  or do you??  Well not for me, so I bought the clear gel to try out.

It feels nice on the lashes as it sticks to the lashes, you can see it clearly as it is thick.  It has a small, not unpleasant, but not a perfume if you know what I mean.  It felt really nice on and you can see the lashes looking thicker straight away, however the product is designed to be used twice a day for many weeks to build and strengths your lashes, helps them to regrow and also not to fall out.  3 days in the lashes look good but over the coming weeks I will let you know if I think this stuff works wonders for me.

If you have tired some good eye lash building products I would love to hear from you !!

  cheers  Jill

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Australian Launch of New Limecrime Colours late March!

If you think lipstick should only come in reds and browns, stop right here and think again. Lime Crime’s Pop Romance collection is for the bravest of trend-setters aiming to stand out — all the while remaining as cute as a button.
3 revolutionaryshades — paled-out nude, banana yellow and pastel mint — come in a 100% vegan formula and speak volumes of the wearer before she even opens her mouth. Coquette loves to mix feminine with edgy and can’t live a day without smoky eye, New Yolk City is a fearless experimental fashionista, and Mint To Be is for the cooky side in all of us.
Here at Lime Crime we like to speak our mind. Pop Romance is your lips, uncensored