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Friday, April 23, 2010

How to apply false lashes

This shows just how easy it is to apply lashes.  This guy is a guru for Makeup from the UK.  Enjoy!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our new You Tube Channel - check it out

We have now set up a You Tube Chanel to bring you all the favorite Lime Crime and others Videos.

You will want to see the amysass7 review of Lime Crime completed this week..  It is not just a review but a tutorial on how to apply some of the Lime Crime Makeup colours.

If you love what you see then pop into to get your supply.

Here are some great ideas for Mothers Day also.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lime Crime in New York and the UK

Well how exciting is this news!!!  This has been a long awaited launch and a launch that will change the Lime Crime business.  

SpaceNK has stores all over the UK and some in the US.  The major launch will be in my view the one that takes place at Bloomingdales in SpaceNK's store as the Guest of the hour will be Poppy King introducing Doe Deere to the media and the customers.

I am sure all Australian's know who Poppy King is?  Poppy is our and the worlds Lipstick Queen.

I love the look of the concept store do you?

Untitled Document

We are excited to announce that Lime Crime Makeup is now available at all Space.NK stores in the UK and US! Come try on our unique lipsticks, meet creator Doe Deere and get a free consultation during the "So Bright It's Illegal" Tour!
  • NYC - April 10, 1-4 pm | 217 Columbus Ave. & 70th St. | Sponsored by Alices Tea Cup
  • NYC April 24, 3-5 pm | Space.NK inside Bloomingdale's 59th St. & Lexington Ave. | Introductory speech by Poppy King
  • London - April 15, 3-5 pm | 32 Shelton St, Covent Garden
  • London - April 16, 3-5 pm| 101-106 Tottenham Court Rd., The Qube
  • London - April 17, 11 am-1 pm | 27 Duke of York Square
  • Los Angeles & San Francisco - TBA
Find store locations near you by visiting

We'd like to thank all our friends, fans, customers, families and of course SpaceNK for believing in us!  
If you don' live in the IK or US then there is not need top worry, we have this bold, bright brand of makeup right here in Australia . 

You can get it from 

Cheers Jill 

I hope you enjoy watching Poppy King here talking about Lipstick!


Sex In The City New Movie Trailers

Here is the latest update from the girls in the Sex In the City movies.  I hope all you fashion junkies can get your fill from these movies! They are inspiring with the way they wear their fashion and if your smart you can get the look for a lot less than the real things.

We would love to hear how you keep up with the girls and fashion and where you buy you bargins from.

Oh by the way did anyone watch ACA this week, I did and have to say I will be paying closer attention to the Op Shops from now on.  Do you shop at Op shops, have you got a story to share with our readers?  Tell us about you fashion and Op Shop successes.



Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Doe Deere from LimeCrime Makeup

This is the latest from the Lime Crime Makeup company and it is intended to help the training that the SpaceNK staff in the United Kingdom and the New York stores will undertake as they launch the Lime Crime brand. 

Lime Crime recently launched across Canada in the Urban Outfitters stores and sold out within 24 hours which is a pretty outstanding result.  We will watch the launch in New York as the very famous Australian Lipstick Queen Poppy King will introduce Doe in the Space NK store in New York.

False Eye Lashes

I have always loved False Eye Lashes and wondered the other day where they actually came from in the first instance so I went looking for the history of these favorite little things.  I loved the looks created by  Twiggy and Mary Quant years back in the 60's!

Guess what? 

I found the history of who and where they were created, so read on.  The next installment will me a tutorial on how to apply these little treasures as they are not an expensive item to buy, but you do need to apply them check back for the next installment.

The History of False Eyelashes

Beauty legend has it that American movie director D.W. Griffith designed the first set of false eyelashes. While creating a motion picture in 1916, he wanted his leading lady to have lashes so long they graced her cheeks when she blinked or looked down thoughtfully.
A wig maker set to work creating the lashes out of human hair and gauze, and the result was movie magic. Unfortunately the film itself was not, and the screenplay became forgettable. However, the false lashes were remembered to the misfortune of Griffith who never formally made a claim to their fame and had his idea simulated, stolen, and altered in the decades to come.
Since 1916, there have been plenty of leading ladies and celebrities who used false eyelashes. Twiggy is an example of someone in the public spotlight who used falsies in the way that they were intended. Others unfortunately have not, picture Tammy Faye Baker & Liza Minnelli for example. False eyelashes are almost an art when it comes to appropriate use and application, therefore it takes time and patience to learn the trade.

Great looks created with the addition of false eye lashes. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Amy is a very experienced Beauty Reviewer. (not sure if beauty reviewer is grammatically correct?)  Amy regularly posts her Beauty reviews on You Tube and also on You Tube for Bellaboo Skincare.  Amy is well worth watching for her regular releases.  Le me know what you think?  Amy will be completing a full review of Lime Crime, so check back soon for a full independent review of more colours and hear what she has to say about Lime Crime and many other brands of makeup.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Deal not to be missed!

Get onto this one before stock runs out, these are great mid sized brushes, so soft and yet they do a brilliant job of applying and blending your makeup.  These will work just as well as brushes you may spend $20.00 to $60.00 on for a fraction of the price.

How can we sell them at this amazing price? We buy end lots direct from China, that's how!
Get yours from