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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The best way to a smooth complexion is exfoliation and there are many ways to do this. There is the Sheer Miracle Peel Cloth - this is a way to exfoliate with no chemicals, just a brilliant cloth that cost $27.00 and lasts 6 months.

Or, alternatively, you can use a Cream with granules, that you apply to your face and massage around to achieve a polished look. The key is to find creams that do NOT contain any harmful chemicals to get the good results.

Exfoliation increases new skin cell growth and generates collagen which is essential to a youthful complexion.

Younger skin can cope with exfoliation about once a week, however, the more mature skin can and should receive exfoliation about 3 times a week.
You need to know what your skin can tolerate and not over do the exfoliation or you can just damage your skin.

Always go with the product directions and you will reap the benefits over a few short weeks.

Try these products:
Sheer Miracle Peel Cloth - $27.00'
elly B Gentle Face Exfoliator $40

Both products will deliver great results - it is often a personal preference on how you exfoliate. Me, I like both and use both and love the results. My skin texture is improved, my pores are not as defined, my skin feels polished.

I hope you like both of these recommended products too.

Next Blog will be all about Cleansing the stayed tuned..tell me about your favorite cleanser?


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