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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Do you want to look a little trimmer than you are?

Hi everyone, 

I have been very busy going back to the gym.  Back you say?  We didn't know she went in the first place did we?  Well she did,,,,,I mean I did go to the gym a few years back and lost a load of weight.  But like most people I then stopped going to the gym and then stacked back a few kilos and looked awful.  Mind you I am not that big really, its just that when you carry a little extra weight you feel so crappy.

I like many others tried to find some great little body suits like you see on TVSN or on the TV ads that show when you put them on your no longer chubby, all your fat bits are all tucked away in a cute little body suit.  The ones I have bought over time have been like straight jackets, yep they will pull the flabby bits in but can I breath way!

So back to the gym to get fit and not have to wear big heavy straight jacket type stuff to hide the flabby bits.  And it is working I have lost some weight and feel a lot better.

The good news is that I have been looking around for some nice looking shapewear that will help trim you down, allow you to breath and not cost the earth..and I found some cute stuff.  Even though I am getting fitter and loosing some weight I think getting a little helping hand from a cute body suit is a good idea, so I went researching for a product I would like...I liked what I found so much I got some for more web store....

Both come in Black and Red and look so good on and they are comfortable.

The prices were so good I had to buy them for my store..and I only have a few left now so they are on sale.

Check them out in the Accessories Menu tab at


1 comment:

  1. These look good, but do they hold their shape?