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Friday, December 3, 2010

Running a Small business can be fun?

First let me introduce myself to those that do not read this blog.  My name is Jill and I have been running my own small business in the very competitive area of Cosmetics and the internet.  My web site has been running now since 2006 and in that 4 years I have learned a lot about the internet and the cosmetics business.

I think that like a lot of people the internet seemed to be an easy low risk method of opening a business, yeah right!  Nothing easy here I can assure you. Maybe low risk , but I think the risks are not monetary risks, but copyright and misrepresentation risks for the novice web developer.

First you need a web package and you need to learn how to use that, you also need to find some great products from a supplier who is willing to sell to you in small lots ( many will not!)  You need a business name that will attract attention, a plan for the business ( many are not so hot at this aspect).  You need to learn about the laws that surround and support the type of business your in and then you need to work out how to get this new business some notice!  Oh and I forgot you need a domain name and it needs to be registered and try matching that to the registered business name..that was very tricky.

Anyway, here we are some 4 years later, 3 business names and 3 domain names later and a with a total new focus on the direction for the business.

I would love to hear from others that are running a small business on the web and sharing some of the pitfalls of this process and the learning's so that others may not make the same mistakes?  I will share some of my success and mistakes in the coming weeks.  I love my business and the lines that I sell and will continue to stay focused as it grows.  I believe that small business is very important in Australia and I support other small business owners when ever I get the opportunity.

Elly B Organic Skincare is another Australia owned small business and the products are second to none in my view.  Check them out, they are well priced and work well ( I know as I use this brand)

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