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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sourcing new products for Clients- NYX Cosmetics

This week a client asked me if we had the NYX S118 Eye Shadow box in stock. The bad news was that we did not have it at all and never had one.  This box has 112 different eye shadows in it and looked amazing, just the thing a Makeup Artist would want to have in her kit.

The bad news for my clinet Melissa was that she had exhausted her contacts trying to locate one of these pallets and my supplier told me that they did not have one either. What to do as I hate to leave a client without a product when they need one?

But wait!!!!!  My supplier came back to me very excited as they had located 2 of the NYX S118 Pallets in a cancelled order!  How happy was I?  Very happy as it always feels good to find something your clients want desperatley.

I can tell you that when I let my client Melissa know about the find she was very excited and said 
" Send it to me immediatley!"   Here is a link to her blog and you can tell how excited she is about the pallet.  Glitter Princess Blog

Lucky for me the supplier found 2 so I purchased both as I thought I might have to have one of these amazing pallets myself.  Take a look at them and you will know why the fuss.

 Great Colours aren't they?  The bottom set of colours is on a slide out tray which means it is very compact to fit into a Makeup Kit.

Have you tried NYX - love to hear what products you have used and if you liked them?

You know what happen next?  I showed the box on Facebook to our fans and you guessed it, someone else purchased the second box.  So now I don't have one left for me..oh well the customers must come first.  I will be ordering more of these and I will keep one for me..I love a pallet.

These are RRP $59.99 for 112 colours which is pretty good value and NYX is a great quality makeup.



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