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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween is on the way and we want you to win!

Halloween is just around the corner and in Australia there is a growing trend to hold parties and to really get into it with great makeup creativity.

I want to have some fun and hope you will join in on the fun and so I want to see some really inspiring makeup looks for Halloween!

Please Subscribe here to our blog so you hear about other competitions also and tell your friends and then post all your best Halloween makeup looks on our face book page to enter a draw to win a $50.00 spending spree in the store - 

Just could get some free Limecrime Makeup or free Medusa Makeup, or tinted moisturiser or shapewear ......just for having some fun with your makeup!

The link to our face book page is right down the bottom of the page so go and take a look and see what we have to show you with our fans pictures. We would love you to 'Like' our page.

I love these eyes! Se the use of the Lashes for dramatic effect!

This was created using Styletto,Retrofuturist & and Gloss!

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