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Friday, December 25, 2009

Mineral Makeup - so many to choose from!

Price, Brands & Quality Ingredients
If you look around there are so many mineral makeup brands on the market it is hard to know which one to choose.  Some cost as much as $60.00 and $70.00 for enough to last 3 months, others can be as inexpensive as $36.00 and even less for smaller pots.

It is always worth checking what is in the makeup your buying so that you don't end up with an irriated skin after applying the powder!  Ask for the ingredients list and also make sure it is 100% Natural!

Some of the well know big brands do contain some ingredients that can irritate your skin, so just because it is a name you know does not mean it will not irritate your skin.

The colour of your foundation!
How many times have you purchased a foundation in a Department store, gone home and then realised that the colour really does not suit your skin tone. It's too bad that we were not able to get samples to take home to try in the real day light or in our own homes under our own lights!!  Cause if we were able to do that we probably would not have wasted our money! Right!

One of the advantages of the move to Mineral Powders as a foundation is that many brands will actually sell or give you a sample to take home to try in your own environment.  That way you can also ask girlfriends and partners if they agree the colour  of your foundation looks good on you before you invest your money.

Free Samples
One company - Wholesale Beauty Products in Melbourne is offering the opportunity for you to try the Sheer Miracle brand of makeup FREE- no potsal charges not charges at all.  It's all free, that's how confident they are that you will reall like this very economical brand of Mineral Makeup.  

If you would like a free sample of this brand then visit and see the link to ask for a free sample! 

Once you have found the right colour for you, you need to hurry back to buy a full size pot as it is on Sale for $26.00, down from $36.00

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