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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How do you like to clean your face?

How do you like to clean you face?  I personally have to wash off a cleanser or use a face soap, I cannot just wipe off a cleanser as it does not feel right to me.

What do you prefer, I really would like to find out what the general view is on this?  Tell us your preference and why?

I have just reviewed a brand called Zora from Jordan, it is a mineral based range of skincare and it was very different from other products that I have used.

Facial Soap - Zora Mud Soap - this is a green bar of soap designed to really deeply cleanse your skin and provide a smooth and youthful glow.  Its has a great smell, however I could not find out what that was, as it does not say on the packaging.  It is made of lots of natural ingredients as well as minerals from the Dead Sea in Jordan.  It is a nice soap to use and my skin felt great after washing with the soap.

I also tried their Mud Mask on my face, and boy oh boy did that have a smell to it..just like Mud, well it was after all a Mud Mask so maybe I should have excepted that and it really did heat up my face.  My skin felt good after the mask but I am not sure I enjoyed the experience at all.

I then moved on the Organic Cleanser by Elly B - Purifying Cleanser, now this was really nice to use and smelled great.  My skin really did feel clean after using this one and the hydration was really good.  There is nothing worse than feeling all dried out after you clean you skin!!  I hate that.

The Purifying cleanser is $35.00 which is a good price for the 100ml and it is suited to all skin types.  You can buy this range online and from selected Beauty Salons or ask your Chemist to stock it.


Do you wash  or just wipe of the cleansers from your face? Share your views.

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Cheers for now and have a Brilliant Day!


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