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Win an Alpha60 outfit

Alpha60 told us about their latest range and then gave some of it away! You’re welcome…
There are a lot of animal references in your new collection, what was the inspiration for that?
We were really interested in the eyes of different characters in this range. We focused on the owl because of its huge eyes; there’s something really appealing about eyes, they really draw in and engage people.
You’ve become quite a fixture on the Australian fashion scene despite beginning your label as a hobby. How did you make that transition from hobby to business?
Yeah, my brother Al and I really just started off mucking around. It was more of a hobby, like you said. We started off making men’s shirts. People started asking for the clothes so we stocked them in stores and then they started asking for women’s shirts so we did that and it kind of just grew from there. It took a while before we actually realised we were building a business.
You’ve expanded into the overseas market. How have customers away from Australia reacted to your clothing?
It was really interesting because working in Australia, you’re so far away and you’re not influenced in the same way as international artists, you’re kind of just doing your own thing. Because of this, the designing is something different for people overseas which they really like, so we’ve had a positive response.
Does Australian design have a distinct look?
I wouldn’t say you can distinctly pick which garments are Australian designed but yeah, definitely they do stand out. Australian brands have a certain quirk about them, which we realised at Paris trade shows. The Australian brands just looked that little bit different for some reason.
What’s next for Alpha60?
If you asked Al, he’d say a thousand different things. We already have six stores plus stock internationally, so I guess the next step would be opening up a store overseas and more here in Australia. With that, we still want to keep the boutique feel our stores have now.
Yen and Alpha60 are giving away a new season Alpha60 outfit to kick-start your summer wardrobe. To be in the running to win the blue silk dress ($299) and silk and cotton owl top ($130) pictured above, simply like us on Facebook and send your name, postal address and dress and T-shirt size to competitions@yenmag.net. We also have 3 of these cute doll’s head key rings ($40) to give away to runners-up.