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Monday, September 19, 2011

BB Beautiful Caroline Tinted Moisturiser Cream Review

We asked one of our Face book fans to write a review for us on a couple of our BB creams.

 We were very pleased that Aryanny Zaini offered to do these reviews for us.  There were two products sent to Aryanny and the first is the Caroline BB Cream product and the other is the Magical BB Cream that comes in 3 shades.

Here is what Aryanny had to say about the Caroline Cream
Beautiful Caroline BB Cream SPF30+ (50ml) - RRP$14.99

Now I was really excited to try my first ever BB cream as I have heard and read a few online reviews. From what I understand, BB creams are supposed to be treatment products, meaning they're suppose to actually heal and promote healthier skin conditions. For those who are wondering what BB stands for, it's Blemish Balm. Yes, I find it funny it's a Blemish Balm cream too.

What "Beautiful Caroline BB Cream" says:

It leaves a radiant, clear and healthy complexion with flawless and natural finish with rosemary scent. It has total revitalising effect of hydrating, anti-wrinkle, nourishing and brightening benefits. It evens out skintone with velvety smooth texture and conceals blemishes, discolouration areas on face including acne, age spots, dark circles, sun spots and scars.
Key features:  Whitening effect  
                     Anti wrinkle         
                     Moisture supply
                     Skin protection
                     Natural skin tone
                     Soothing effect
                     Sebum control

What I say:

Before I go on describing the product, I'll give a quick rundown of my skin type and condition, as we all know everyone is different, where one product can work for one person might not work for the next.

* I have dry sensitive skin
* Moderate dark circles
* Makeup shades commonly used: MAC NC44, "tan", "warm", "medium"

So from the above, I have quite warm undertones and tan easily. I am also considered to come under the "medium-dark" category in some brands too.

From the product description, I had huge expectations. It covers scars!? Wow! This product reminds me a little of Invisible Zinc. I can tell there's a lot of zinc in it, as it has that "sunscreeny" difficulty in applying it. Having said that, it does not have any of the greasiness that comes with most sunscreens. It comes in a squeezy tube with 50ml of product.

From what I can tell, there's no scent whatsoever, so I am not sure what the rosemary scent is about as described above. It really is fragrance free. As you already know with my warm skintone, this product looks very chalky on me. It leaves that grey tone on me. I had to pop heaps of bronzer for it to look remotely natural on me.
While it was on, it does feel natural and light. It also didn't rub off during the day. With their claims of covering acne, age spots, dark circles, sun spots and scars, this is simply not true. Not even close. This cream has minimal pigmentation and colour, it didn't even cover my dark circles let alone scars and acne.

As it has quite substantial amount of zinc in it, I can only imagine it would be more suitable with people who come under the "porcelain" and "ivory" skintones. For everyone else, be prepared to use a bronzer over the top, to minimise chalkiness.

Overall conclusion: All in all, I can't fault the product itself. With a huge SPF, this is a must in Australia and this is perfect for that reason. It is easy to use, light in texture, sits easily on skin and lasts all day without it rubbing off. If it came in more realistic shades, I'd probably like it more. Would I purchase it? No I wouldn't as I feel it did not benefit me at all.

Thanks so much for the honest review - this is a product that we will not be stocking in the near future!  Stay tuned for Aryanny's next review!

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We have other products that will be reviewed very soon my some of our fans!

cheers Jill

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