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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Magical Tinted BB Cream Review by Guest Blogger Aryanny

Earlier this week we posted our Guest Blogger Aryanny Zaini's review of a brand of BB Tinted Moisturiser. 

This is the second review conducted by Aryanny for Makeupnet on the new brand of Tinted Moisturiser called Magical - this comes in 3 shades.

We want to say a very big thank you to Aryanny again for her honest review of these products!

Magical BB Cream SPF30+ (40ml) - RRP$9.99

What "Magical BB Cream" says:
  *  Extract of five grains, soothes sensitive skin and smoothen the texture.
  *  Super multi BB cream functions as a primer, foundation and powder. It visibly reduces imperfections, smoothes skin and prevents makeup from smudging.
*  A "water-in-silicon" type, this cream based product glides on without irritating skin. It's non-oily formula, fresh on skin all day long.
  *  Protects the skin from harmful UV rays.

This is what Aryanny had to say about the brand:

As it didn't come with a box or even any information of the product on the tube itself, I had to Google and after half an hour, found some information as described above. They only have a list of ingredients on the tube.
This comes in a 40ml squeezy tube. Currently this range has three different shades and the one I'm reviewing is shade "3".

This reminds me a lot like a tinted moisturiser. It is really creamy and light. It is also easy to apply and blends beautifully. Minimal effort to get decent coverage. It does have a slight scent to it. It's hard to describe, but smells a bit "cosmetic" like. This is of course not noticeable when worn.  It surprisingly has good coverage, it even covered my dark circles.

Lasting power on this, is excellent.
It did not rub off or smudged itself at all. With the warmer tone in this shade, it left no chalkiness or grey tones on me whatsoever. It is just a little pink on my warm skintone, but nothing a little bronzer could not fix.

As from the product description, this is definitely a no-fuss cream. Sometimes I'm hesitant in using a product when it lists too many uses and benefits, like they're trying to "convince" you to buy it. I have tried to use this as a primer too and it worked beautifully. Made my makeup stay put all day and kept it fresh & long lasting. Having said that, I have dry skin, so I can't vouch for people with oily or combination skin.

Overall conclusion: I highly recommend this product as your first BB cream. It really is easy to use, feels light and natural on the skin. It even worked excellently with my warm skin tone, so I am confident there's a shade to suit everyone.

Would I purchase this? Yes, most definitely. Even for $9.99, I can not fault this product at all as it delivered everything it said and more. 

This brand is on sale at in the On Sale Shop at $9.99 a tube.

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