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Monday, October 11, 2010

Gothic Look for Halloween

Here is the latest from Doe Deere from Limecrime Makeup to help with your Halloween preparations.

Photography: Grenouille
 Deerlings: Are you fans of the gothic culture? I adore it actually, I don’t consider myself a straight-up goth, but gothic elements in art are hugely inspirational to me. Movies like Beetle Juice and Addams Family Values are pure eye-candy as far as I’m concerned, and one of my favorite bands is Type O Negative, the masters of capturing the dark side of things in a humorous way.

EYES: Since you're working with dark eyeshadow, leave face makeup for later. Start with the brows as they will define the way your eyeshadow will go on. Using black gel liner (our favorite is by Clinique) on a thin brush, outline the shape of your brow and fill in. Set with matte black eyeshadow for extra-darkness!
Prep the lids with an eyeshadow primer (stay tuned for Lime Crime's revolutionary Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper coming this November!). Pat Medusa onto the lids closer to the lashes. Work the color around the eyes with a larger brush, creating a softer, 'smoky eye' effect. Apply a thick coat of mascara to top/bottom lashes and some black kohl to the waterline. With a gel liner, pull inner corners of the eye down - this will give you that definitive 'gothic' look. Draw a thin white line right under the black with Top Hattie eyeshadow (you may also use a white pencil for this).
Glue false lashes to top lids. You will need 2 long individual lashes for the bottom - you can make these by cutting off a piece of an eyelash and styling it thin & pointy with hair putty. Be sure to do this a few hours in advance so it's dry. Apply individual lashes to the outer corners, as if they are a part of your natural lash line.

 Black looks most striking against fair skin - that's why all goths aim to keep their skin as pale as
possible. But fear not, if you don't resemble a vampire naturally, you can always use foundation a few shades shade lighter or even mix it with some white with your every-day foundation. Avoid blush and use contouring powder instead on the cheekbones and sides of the forehead.

LIPS: This sinister-looking two-tone lip is easier to achieve than you think. Outline your mouth with red pencil. Fill in with bright red lipstick such as Retrofuturist, then dab some Styletto onto the center of the mouth. Press your lips together. Voila!

To achieve the look you need, Siren, Top Hattie &  Medusa for the eyes and for the Lips - Retrofuturist & Styletto.  Great Gothic look and great for Halloween. 
We have all the colours in stock right now at  A great offer is in store when you buy this set to create this look 

1 comment:

  1. Wow, great halloween makeup ideas! I love them, thanks for sharing! Now I have lots of halloween makeup ideas to work on in this coming Halloween 2013. One problem is that i have lots of options i am now confused, LOL.

    Cheers to all!