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Friday, October 22, 2010

Working on improving the body

I decided sometime back that I really must get my body in shape.  They say that going to a gym and lifitng weights is like a face lift for the body.  Well I could use a face lift and I am sure my body needs something..there is way to much of it for my liking.

I suppose it does not matter what your age is we always want to look better than we do and I am a mature person and feel that if I do not get control of the body now I never will!  Let me just say that I am around a size 12 for pants so this is not my problem area..but around 16 up the top..this is my problem area.

So I joined the gym..Fernwood..yes it's the one that only allows women as I feel more comfortable there.  I tend to have some weeks where for any reason I can think of I don' go..then I get all stressed and make myself go.

I have just gone back to the gym again..this makes about the 6th time....and this time I am going to really work hard and stick with it.  I can already feel the muscles starting to respond to the exercise and the weights and it feels good. ( anti inflammatory pills also help!)  Did you know that they say your muscles have memory?  I think they do too.

I want to be size 12 top and bottom if I can.  Now I have made my mission public I feel I will be more motivated to stick to it.  More gym posts to come..what do you do to keep fit..any tips you might want to share?

Cheers Jill

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