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Monday, October 4, 2010

Limecrime Eye Primer coming soon!

I am so excited to relay this message from Limecrime Makeup.  We will carry this line of product and we cannot wait!

It all started with a stranger’s complaint about a product we didn’t even have. A girl on a beauty forum was lamenting that eyelid primers didn’t work on her. I couldn’t exactly disagree - my experience with primers has been spotty at best. The idea was great – create a product that will keep eyeshadow bright and crease-free all day – yet I can’t count the times when I’d spend upwards $20 on something that simply didn’t do what I needed it to. Even ‘the best of the best’ lasted only a few hours before giving in to my lids’ natural oils and created those pesky crease lines.
What is an Eyeshadow Primer and what is it supposed to do?
Eyelid Primer’s primary function is to keep your eyeshadow from creasing. What’s the point in doing all this beautiful makeup when it’s going to be ruined a few hours down the road? Primers are supposed to keep your eyeshadow in place and keep the color from fading throughout the day. And so I set out to make the Next Generation Eyeshadow Primer.
Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper took 6 months to develop – we’ve been at it since February going back and forth, tweaking the formula and sometimes starting over from scratch. The results were well worth the pain – we finally have a primer that works even if you live in a hot climate or have oily eyelids.
So what’s the secret?
Eyeshadow Helper was designed specifically for wear with bright eyeshadows. It’s stickier than most primers you’ll meet, which allows it to grab on to eyeshadow particles, intensifying color to the max to fade-free results. It serves as a barrier between your skin and eyeshadow which keeps oils at bay. It’s moisture-resistant so you can run, sweat, even SWIM with full assurance your eyeshadow will stay put! Our lab says it’s so potent, you will need waterproof makeup remover just to get it off! (Seriously, I have video of water being sprayed in my face and my eyeshadow never budging!)
Packaging. Most primers come in a gloss-type container with a wand. This doesn’t make sense for 2 reasons: first, primer should never be applied with a wand – doing so will put too much product on your lids and actually promote creasing. Eyeshadow Helper comes in a cream form that is easy to spread in a thin film with your finger-tip – the best way to apply a primer. Second, wand containers are wasteful because you can never get the rest of it out. Eyeshadow Helper comes in a round jar that you can enjoy till the very last drop! The formula is weightless, fragrance-free and, of course, never tested on animals. :) This product does contain beeswax so unfortunately it’s not vegan.

It will be available around the middle of the month from our store!

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