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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Australian Made skincare

Elly B Organic Skincare - Australian Made
Its coming up to Christmas and you know what that means? Right!!! Lots of hours trying to decide what to buy people for Christmas. This year it will be important to really think about how we can all help the Australian industries and the Australian people.

I think if we all bought Australian made products for gifts it would be a great bonus to the Australian economy. That is also one of the reasons that I have begun to Distribute the beautiful Australian made brand of skincare called - Elly B Organic Skincare. The business is 100% Australian owned and all of the ingredients are grown and produced in Australia as well.

This is a boutique brand of luxury creams that smell divine. The are produced in the pristine New England Hills of NSW.

Why not make up a great gift of Australian made creams for someone you love!
They and their skin will love you for this beautifully thoughtful gift!

Your skin will glow with health and you will look radiant when you commence to use these amazingly creamy moisturisers and cleansers.
They are all well priced and start at about $33.00 for the Creamy Cleansers
Try it you will love it!
If you need assistance to select the right creams you can email or call us and we will help you select the right products. We love to hear from you!
cheers for now and happy shopping!
Phone enquiries 0411595037

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