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Monday, November 16, 2009

Organic skincare is the newest trend in Skincare

Skincare comes in many shapes sizes and styles, but the big trend really is to use natural ingredients and organic ingredients.

Why is Organic important you might ask?

When you look at how Organic ingredients are grown and derived it really makes a lot of sense to use skincare that has been developed with these types of ingredients.

No one likes to eat chemicals right?  So why put them on your skin?

Think back in time and you will know that many beauties from years ago only had natural plants and oils to use on their faces and they looked ok!  Natural skincare can give you a healthy and radiant complexion and there is nothing more youthful looking than a good complexion.  The Argan Gold Serum is really powerful with Anti Aging ingredients and it is made from 100% certified Organic Argan oil.

I have tried the 24hours face lift stuff which makes you face stiff and feel uncomfortable and I have tried a load of natural products which were rubbish as they were made by people that had no idea what they were doing.  Elly B is made with many years of expereince and a lot of love and care and thats why it is different.

This brand makes a brilliant Xmas gift as it is Australian made and just what the recessions needs us all to focus on - Australian brands and services.

I strongly recommned a brand called - Elly B Organic Skincare which is made in Australia and this brand is made from Organic and naturally derived ingredients.  If you like a nice creamy cream that feels like it is going to moisturise your skin then you will love this brand.

Give it a try as I think you will be surpised at how good it is, I know I  was.  The cleansers will take off all your makeup and leave your skin feeling moisturised and clean, so you dont need a makeup remover and a cleanser!

Priced from $22.00 up to $66.00 it really is affordable luxury skincare.
check out for the brand!

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