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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mascara and what makes a good one

I don't know how many mascara you have tired in your life time, but I have tried  many in my research to find one that I would be prepared to sell.

There are some that are so complicated to apply that I gave up and some that had 3 different tubes of stuff to use, one was the white thickening fluff and then there was the black thickening stuff and then the actual mascara. OMG far to complex for me, but, that one ended up looking pretty good, in fact it looked like I was wearing false eye lashes, but all that fluff in your eyes, I am sure it is not good for you.

I tried the brand Blinc - they actually tube your lashes and do look good and sound like they are a healthy choice for you eyes, but they are so expensive.  I dont like to pay $35.00 or more for a mascara at all!

I have tried the cheaper stuff like BYS, now that was only about $12.00 and I can tell you it did a good job of seperating the lashes and then making them look thicker.  It compared to some that were RRP of $25.00 BYS is not a bad buy.

I then found - Love Atti which I imported, it really is one of the best I have tried so far.  It is RRP of about $15.00 and when you do two applications your lashes will look really longer and thicker than they did before you applied it.  It does not clump up, it seperates the lashes.  I was very impressed with this one, so now I import the brand and sell it.

Makeup Artist Lauren Nolan of Melbourne has reviewed this product for us and she has given it her seal of approval.

So if you need a new mascara try Love Atti from

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