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Friday, January 27, 2012

5 Things Your Makeup Artist Wants You To Know

5 Things Your Makeup Artist Wants You To Know
The Bridal Look

We all have events in our lives that require us to present ourselves in the best light, and when one of these events comes around we often seek out the services of a hairdresser to ensure our hair looks it’s best & we invest in a new outfit.  However, if you really want to look your best you need to be thinking more broadly about your overall appearance and give some consideration to your skincare and your makeup which can have a big impact on your end result.

It is not always just about ‘the hair and the dress’, so why do we see so many women arriving to one of the biggest events/nights of their lives looking like they’re auditioning for a role on Jersey Shore?

Big hair and plastered on make-up may work for you if you’re on a reality TV show, but in the real world too much makeup and bad hair can ruin your night of celebration. So what should a woman do to make sure her make-up enhances, rather than detracts from her outfit?
We asked professional make up artist Lauren Nolan for some tips to ensure you look the best on your big event. She believes that too many people fail to prepare their faces for their big night out, and that with just a little time each day doing some basic steps, young ladies can really improve the end result.

Lauren believes that these simple strategies listed below should be part of everyone’s beauty routine, and she recommends all women make a special effort to take action about 8 weeks prior to their Makeup Artist arriving to apply their makeup.

”If you are going to invest in an outfit for your event, it’s also worth considering investing in a professional makeup artist to complete the finishing touches,” says Lauren. “By actioning these 5 recommendations will ensure you have a beautiful outcome.”

Lauren said” There is a growing trend for professional women to engage a Makeup Artist before they have a job interview or they make a presentation to clients as they really want to  make sure their overall look is complete & professional”.

Here are Lauren’s - 5 Things Your Makeup Artist Wants You to Know!
1. Have your eyebrows waxed and shaped by a professional – not your best friend please! Do this at least 1 week before the big night.

2. 8 weeks before the big night set up a good skincare routine if you do not have one.  Invest in some good quality natural skincare – try Elly B Orangic skincare made right here in Australia, it is a brilliant range of skincare and smells divine

3. Cleanse your skin morning and night so your skin will glow with a healthy radiance

4. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate, do you get the hint? This is one of the most important things you should do to get rid of dead skin cells and dry skin patches.  Exfoliate at least twice a week before the formal, however, do not exfoliate on the day - the last time you exfoliate should be the day before.


5. Moisturise your skin at least once a day, preferably twice a day and always before applying makeup to your skin.  Botanical Moisturiser from Elly B Organic skincare is a non-greasy product and it works well on all skin types so give it a try.

If you follow these simple steps to prepare for your special event then your Makeup Artist will have beautifully a polished canvas to work on and the end results will be simply stunning.

Remember: If the formal dress is the cake, a woman’s makeup and hair are the icing.
Lauren Nolan MUA works closely with as an advisor to their online Makeup store.

Look amazing on your day 
No matter what the occasion follow these steps and also engage an MUA as a treat, make it even more special

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