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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend? Right? But who can afford them!

Women for centuries have loved diamonds and I don't think anything has changed?  Has it? I love beautiful diamonds but the real deal is sooooooo expensive.  If you want to wear something that people will actually notice the size of the diamond needs to be very large and then we are talking some many thousands of $$ .

Well.....that was until I discovered the brand of jewels by a company called Secrets...shhhh.  Now I had seen these stores dotted around the country but I have to say I had not ventured into one until last week and I was blown away with what they have to offer.

This is a beautiful bracelet straight from the runway looks!

Bold and Beautiful - these look like real diamonds to me

A solitaire diamond ring is the most beautiful engagement ring or brilliant dress ring  

Studs look fantastic on anyone!  Me included !
Just take a look at some of the items they have for sale and then I will tell you a little about the product these are what is called Simulated Diamonds and it is an Australian company - even better .

Jane Meredith is the Managing Director of Secrets Shhh.....
Visit the web site to read about the company and more importantly see what they have on will love it. Earrings were $299.00 which is way more affordable than $10,000!  What is your favorite stone?  Leave a comm

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  1. Oh I love these pictures. I might have to go take a peek at the store.