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Friday, January 13, 2012

Teddy Charles co creator with Sunsilk Plumed Up Volume Mouse

I have always had the flattest hair ever and so over the years I have tried many different products to help get some body happening, from mouse to tongs, to gel, to hair spray & hair name it I have tried it.  Many of the products I have purchased with the promise to give me BIG HAIR have cost a lot of money also...some were a total waste of money and some delivered minimal results.  However none of them had me coming back for a second purchase.

This past 2 weeks I have been using a Hair mouse created by Sunsilk and available at the Supermarket for just a few $...and I have to say that I am really impressed with this one and feel that the end results will have me going back for more.  This is not a paid advertisement it is my view on a product that is accessible to us all.  If you have flat hair it is worth a try...using this with my round brush and hair dryer gives me a much better end result that lasts all day. 

I did a little research on the product and the guy that helped to create this range of products with Sunsilk....I will get the full range in my next venture to the supermarket as I am sure using the full range will get even better results!.

Sunsilk have produced this cute video and the details of the creator are below so enjoy the read and share with me your best hair products for volume Jill 

Raised in Paris, Teddy began styling hair when he was just 14.

Throughout his early 20s, he assisted two of the most creative and inspirational stylists of their generation - Julien D'Ys and Orlando Pita.
It was during this time that Teddy flourished to become one of the world's leading hair stylists.

Now based in New York, and renowned for his skill, precision and bohemian sense of style, Teddy is feted by the global fashion press and top photographers alike.
A much-loved favourite of Mario Testino and Karl Lagerfeld (and the ‘stylist of choice' for a-list stars, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cameron Diaz), the team at affectionately refers to Teddy as their "Haute Hottie". And hot is definitely something Teddy knows all about.

With a decade of hands-on experience and styling for cutting-edge catwalk shows in soaring humidity backstage and on-location in far-flung places, Teddy's unique insights make him a leading expert on the way humidity and heat affects hair.
"People don't appreciate the impact that weather, in particular heat and humidity, can have on your hair" Teddy explains.

"When you work with models from all over the world you see how, when it's humid, some women's hair goes flat, some frizzy, some wavy."
So when Sunsilk asked Teddy to co-create a Weather Defence range, it was a match made in hair heaven.

"I wanted the impossible: a range that worked both backstage, outdoors in extreme conditions and on all hair types" says Teddy. " It didn't exist, so I co-created my own with Sunsilk – our new Weather Defence range."

This dedication to perfection led to a truly breakthrough solution for millions of women. After all, Teddy notes, "No woman should be held back from looking her best". -original article.
Please share your hair volume remedies with us all! 

1 comment:

  1. The easiest cheapest way to get bigger hair is V05 Give me texture. It's a little shaker with powder in it and it is cheap! less than $6 (or on special for $5 at priceline) You just shake it on dry hair and massage it in like a dry shampoo, instant volume. i swear by it now :)