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Monday, January 9, 2012

Free Exfoliation Gloves to Subscribers - 2 pairs to be won

Do you exfoliate your body or just your face....or neither???  I have always worked my face but often neglect my body.  Which is a little sad because when you take a good look at yourself you realise that your overall body does show and that when your skin is not in good condition it can really impact how good you look.

We - well most of us spend time on dressing and doing our hair and makeup and not thinking about the rest of the skin we my thoughts this past few weeks shifted to looking at my arms and legs and boobs for skin tone.  While it is not all bad news I did feel it was time to focus a little on these areas.

So I tried out these little gloves - not expensive and easy to use in the shower or the bath and I have to say I was pleased with the overall results.  Dry areas are now gone and the skin feels smoother..when I apply body lotion it sinks in quickly and my skin feel moisturised where as before I had to pile it on to feel moisturised I only need a small amount now, because the dead skin is not soaking it all up.

I want to give away 2 pairs of these gloves to subscribers of the blog so if you want a pair - subscribe to the blog - doing the same on our face book page.  2 lucky subscribers will get a pair free.

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